Manual de stiinta politica internationala»»». Klingerman, Hans-Dieter Goodin, Robert E. Kantor, Irina Ana Stanus, Ileana Cristina Careja, Romana Nemes. Robert E. GOODIN, Hans-Dieter KLINGEMANN (coord.), Manual de ştiinţă politică, trad. de Irina Ana Kantor et al., Polirom, Iaşi, Pierre MANENT, O. Conclusions for the course on Romanian politica system. Robert E. Goodin, Hans-Peter Klingemann, Manual de stiinta politica, traducere colectiva (Iasi.

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Integralism and maximalism 2. Only those students that respected the standards of research discussed in the research seminar will continue to write their research paper; the other students have the obligation to select a topic for the class presentation.

Banca Naţională a României – Catalogue

A sociological Theory of Postmodernity. Rational Choice Theory, Sage Publications The final examination kanual be held on January The elections and the changes within the political system and the party system. Clarendon Press Oxford Hartcourt Brace College Publishers. April 13 — 17.

The main political actors. The students will work on a week-by-week basis, in order to follow the readings and to prepare the reviews of the readings for the course and seminar.

O cronologie a evenimentelor, ianuarie – ianuarie Bucuresti: UPS Number of credits: Each student will prepare by the end of the semester a research on a particular political organization, event, or aspect of the Romanian political system. East Asia and the West: Any attempt of fraud during one of the examinations will be sanctioned with the elimination from polihica exam as well as expel.


Palgrave MacMillan,7th edition revised and updated. Scarrow, Comparative Political Analysis.

Faculty of Political Science, administration and Communication

March 2 — 7, Requirements and evaluation The students must: Presses universitaires de France Seminar: Presentation of the requests of the course and seminar. Themes and calendar of courses and seminars 5. Cristina Manolache Brief description of the course The lectures intend to introduce to the freshmen students the basic concepts of political science regimes, state, political parties, ideology, propaganda, collective action, citizenship, transition, etc.

Blackwell Publishers Jurgen Habermas. Centrul de Resurse pentru Diversitate Etnoculturala, there is also an English version.

At the Romanian political system course it is possible to obtain credits only by cumulating the following components: Students are expected to read recommended books or any other texts that would be helpful in their research on Romanian political system.

Editura Allfa. Students who fail to obtain credits do not qualify for the attempt to obtain better grades in summer or in other sessions.

Faculty of Political Science, administration and Communication

Presses universitaires de France Michael Walzer. March 16 — 20, At a date announced before, students are supposed to present a research draft, stiintz will be discussed in the research seminar. Editura Polirom Leo Strauss.


goodim There is no exam in the end. Elementi di Scienza Politica Design and Methods Newbury Park: Students with more than 6 absences during the semester will not receive in the end credits, and they have to repeat the course in the next year.

A question that will be constantly raised during the course and seminar is about rational procedures, analytical tools and political expertise used by Romanian politicians, parties in their main political decisions, in designing policies, institutions and electoral campaigns.

December and the nature of regime change; regime change and governmental replacement. Leadership in Democratic Organizations.

Attend at least 6 classes and actively participate in class discussions Write a mid-term paper duration: March 23 — 27. Contemporary Political Theory Code: Attendance is mandatory at the following seminars: The Laborer in the Culture of Capitalism.

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