Way of the Ninja (Oriental Adventures Legend of the Five Rings). Home · Way of the Ninja L5R RPG Masters of Court (Legend of the Five Rings). Read more. L5R/Oriental Adventures: Way of the Ninja. Recently, during a gaming session, I came up with an Absolute Ontological Truth in gaming, which I now call the. Way of the Ninja – “Ninja are nothing more than peasant superstition and an Game Masters running the Second Edition L5R RPG will need a.

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Consider reading Dreams of Shadow from the new L5R fiction https: Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Yes I highly recommend the courtier cover. Poison people, steal this missive and deliver it to Agent X, gain the confidence of Y and let Z know what you learn Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Wednesday, 20th October, It is being unnoticed, and being aware.

Way of the Ninja (Oriental Adventures Legend of the Five Rings) – PDF Free Download

Sometimes the rest of the group will understand that dishonorable stuff might be useful now, so the Scorpion does the Scorpion thing. Join Date Apr Posts 2, However, intentionally ninj, beating a dead-horse topic, arguing in bad faith, or stirring disagreements on an unrelated topic is prohibited.

The book has a heavy bond paper that makes it seem more substantial, but in truth, the book has no more pages than the WotC class books which are priced for five dollars less.

How much of the book is used up on the other gaming system?

He is a mercenary. I’m leaning towards doing something outside the standard since my last character was a hardcore Lion bushi who never flinched at duty. Join Date Jan Posts 2, If they’re pretending to be normal Scorpion samurai, they follow their role. The introductory chapter provides a number of new feats appropriate for ninjas such as lightning stealth defrays penalties to hiding and moving silently from moving quickly or stab at the face allows the ninja to stagger an opponent with a critical hit.


The interior art is generally very good. The Goju are ninja that once served an entity call the Lying Darkness. But don’t rule out one of the other schools for a part-time ninja. The practices that the ninja use were repellent to those who live by the code of Bushido, so at one time several prominent ninja were executed.

The Lying Darkness was destroyed, but the leadership was subsumed by a corrupt Dragon of Air. The painter then listens, overhearing whichever important conversations occur in the garden, and pass that information along to their superiors. This includes the daidoji harriers which are part of the crane clan but unknown outside of itthe first strike dojo which serves the crab clanand the ikoma spymasters which serve the lion clan.


Do they pretend to be your typical bushi? He also pays attention to anything of interest to his nation, and regularly writes letters home containing intel. That being the case, the book is a little costly compared to other d20 system books with similar page counts. The first include a number of new equipment items.

As what everyone else is pointing out, perceived honor and plausible deniability is key. He fights for pay, he leads his troops, and he is loyal to both his contracts and those in his employ. What I’m wondering is roleplay-wise, what should I expect if I do end up playing one? The fourth chapter discusses a number of minor ninja dojos.


The second has some role-playing and strategy tips for ninja characters and an update to the Legend of the Five Rings metaplot. The goal is keeping up plausible deniability. I’ve always liked the oniwaban spymaster style of shinobeing, where your lord expects you to come up with information you probably have no business knowing about others, relies on this from you, and in return offers the courtesy of not treating you with suspicion in an unspoken understanding of roles.

The most important thing a spy can have is a cover. Is it uninspired feats and prestige classes? Rokugan is sometimes referred to as the Emerald Empire. In Rokugan, the first ninja were originally created by a rather vague edict from the first Hantei emperor. Way of the Ninja The definitive sourcebook for ninja characters in Legend of the Five Rings [features d20 rules also].

I understand the whole “ninja don’t exist” thing and that being caught as a ninja is effectively game over or a really bad situation for the character.

Way of the Ninja

This caused many ninja to go deeper underground and scatter. All the illustrations have a crisp and evocative style, and the art shows a greater variety and more interesting depictions than many earlier d20 Rokugan books. Absolutely lf harassment, sexism, homophobia, racism, hate speech, or anything in between will be tolerated.

A new system is introduced here similar to the taint system for recording shadow corruption say, and a new prestige class is introduced, the Goju Stalker.

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