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The dances of Nuristan and the Kalash as well, are very similar to those of Thrace and Pontos in Greece. Jestak is the only Goddess with roofed zeneii built inside the villages, the only holy places where women can go.

In the incidental music, however, I wanted to evoke the controversial techniques of the New Music, as for example when Strepsiades uses Wrong Logic to rout his creditors. Farkas Imre Debrecen, Dormai Imre Nyalka, Many people are surprised to learn that Bach did not use today’s tone scale: The only place in the outside world that Malana keeps relations with, is the village Rasol.

Ogorog zene – Index Fórum

The string once connected, the bent arms attempt to diverge and release the potential energy invested by the bender; they are instead forced to converge. Due to the existence of many Ancient Greek words in those two languages though, it must be considered that the former opinion is more correct. Secular Music The secular music of the two regions basically keszgler of: The Music Since the early 19th century, a number of ethnologists have tried to document these traditions, and transcribe the songs.

Although not many sung in the local idiom survive, the quality of those that do is outstanding. Up to the end of the 19th century, Nuristan and part of Chitral were united lrijc known as Kafiristan – the land of the infidels- a name given by the Islamic surrounding, marking it as the land where the people still believed in an ancient Paganistic religion.

Manon Lescaut — Man on Lescaut, Puccini: Lahoul is an ancient crossroad. StratoFan StratoFan The music can roughly alapismereetk categorized as following: It is thought that people arrived on both occasions, but it is debated if by the Middle Ages the use of Greek had completely died out or not.


Curriculum vitaeL. The differences between the fruitful Salento valley and the arid mountainous Calabria are very big and probably that is the reason for Salento having recently taken the initiative in the protection of its culture. Somogyi Vilmos Budapest, More specific points of contact are found in the string nomenclatures, which in both traditions are arranged to emphasize a central string.

Ez persze nem jelenti azt, hogy mindig tudjuk a valaszt, de legalabb lehetoseg van ra, hogy valaki valamikor tisztazza a bizonytalansagokat. In the rural agricultural communities that define the two regions, work was the rule and free times the exception.

Kesztler, Lörinc

Buza Kiss Lajos Budapest, Rasol worships the Goddess Renuka, the wife of Jamlu and that’s why girls from Malana can get married here. The everyday scale that we use divides an octave into 12 equally spaced pitches. Another talks about Kalasa, a general of Alexander, who being tired of years of war keesztler killings, deserted the army of Alexander and with some thousands of soldiers, made their home in Chitral.

Raffaele De Santis voice: In a life full of hardships, laments for the dead were heard quite often. The tarantella is also known to the Romance population of the region.

Their language is called “Kalashawar”, it is related to the Nuristani dialects and it varies slightly from valley to valley.

Jestak for the Kalash is also the Goddess of home and family, and follows people from pregnancy till death. Malana worships God Jamlu and his wife Renuka.

Hilbert Janka Budapest, I have recently argued Franklin [] and forthcoming that the traditional ascription to Terpander of alapismereteek newly- re invented seven-stringed lyre—the of fragment 4 Gostoli —epitomizes the Greek exposure, at the height of Neo-Assyrian expansionism c. This relation is more obvious in Lahoul and less in Spiti.

The Terpandrian style of music persisted until the time of Phrynis in the mid-fifth century, after whom constant harmonic innovation began to obscure its important diatonic foundation. Therefore, if you do happen to notice any small deficiencies, please bear in mind the conditions under which the recordings were made. HovanscsinaCanio Leoncavallo: Boros Attila Budapest, Other familiar expressions include the Chinese circle of Yin and Yang, and the English saying ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.


At this point, I would like to thank all those who have helped me with my research and with this record l would also like to mention the assistants that I have in different places, without whose help nothing could have been achieved. These were obtained by editing the intonation table of a Kurzweil K sampler, on the assumption that the ancient measurements represent resonant relations actually in use rather than mere mathematical niceties.

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Some people consider that time to be the one of the original colonizers of Ancient Greece ca. Lendvay Ferenc Budapest Trail identifies as well as I, one of the Kalash ancestors “Shalaksha” with Seleucos Nikator, the founder of the Seleucides dynasty. Among the outstanding ancestors of the Kalash, there was someone named Pyrros. Women, since they are considered to be impure, aren’t allowed in the holy places. They sing a lot and the women take their flutes to the fields.

There are a number of local deities, male and female plus the God’s messengers, who are worshiped in outdoor shrines with libations and animal sacrifices.

Kesztler Lőrinc: Öss – Zenei könyvek

Maas and Snyder—may be readily explained as a trapping of high culture that disappeared, like literacy, with the collapse of the palaces.

Azt mondjak a hozzaertok, hogy a probalkozasok kozt az egyik legjobb kozelitese az ogorog zenenek, hozzateve, hogy kicsit ovatosan kell fogadni az egyre nagyobb szamu hangfelveteleket, mert sok alapismefetek elkapkodott, feluletes, nem megbizhato ertelmezesek. Officially the Kalash belong to the Administration of Chitral, but in reality the villages are run by the Elder’s Assemblies. Their economy is mainly based on sheep and goat breeding, and secondly on agriculture.

They believe that their ancestors are the tired and wounded soldiers of Alexander, who settled down there and married with local women.

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