The Jewish State – Theodor Herzl’s Program for Zionism. Theodore Herzl’s pamphlet Der Judenstaat, The Jewish State, was published in It heralded. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 3 by Theodor Herzl. The Jewish State by Theodor Herzl. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. The Herzl text was originally published under the title Der Judenstaat in Vienna, Theodore Herzl was the first Jew who projected the Jewish question as an.

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My happier coreligionists will not believe me till Jew-baiting teaches them the truth; for the longer Anti-Semitism lies in abeyance the more fiercely will it break out. And the Company will also keep back drunkards and dissolute men.

Those who are absolutely without means will pay off their debt to the Company by working over-time at a fair rate of wage. Nonetheless, Herzl’s vision dominated many aspects of the Zionist program for better or worse. In others, where Jews now feel comfortable, it will probably be violently disputed by them.

ujdenstaat The result was the First Zionist Congress in Basle, which established the World Zionist Organization and adopted the program of attaining a Jewish State to be provided by “public law. Clothing, linens, and shaes will first of all be manufactured for our own poor emigrants, who will be provided with new suits oi clothing at the various European emigration centers.

The Jewish State by Theodor Herzl

Possible by means of the ultimate perfection of humanity. Herzl completely rejected the race theories of Israel Zangwill.

He believed that attempts at assimilation of Jews into European society were in vain, as the majority in each country decided who was a native and who an alien. His plough is unchanged; he carries the seed in his apron; mows with the historical scythe, and threshes with the time-honored flail. According to Rousseau’s now antiquated view, a State is formed by a social contract. Further and direct profit will accrue to Governments judenstawt the transport of passengers and goods, and where railways are State property the returns will be immediately recognizable.

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Even in transactions where the Company is really nothing more than a real estate agency, it will temporarily appear as a purchaser, and will be set down as the momentary possessor in the register of landed property.

One of these problems, and not the least of them, is the Jewish question. This method is therefore not to be recommended. Henceforth we shall proceed more slowly to meet further objections and to explain in detail what has been as yet only indicated; and we shall try in the interests of this pamphlet to avoid making it a dull exposition.

Der Judenstaat – Wikipedia

And if one’s hearers are broad and high-minded enough to have grasped them already, then the sermon Is superfluous. Zionism and its Impact. The whole thing does not concern them at all. In this way it will be possible to provide for them with every precaution.

We shall surrender our well earned rights only for better ones. I think this is not discreditable. These heral work under similar regulations in the factories, and the central labor agency will provide them when required. In the special part, which is divided into three principal sections, I shall describe its execution. The consequence is that, even where they are not expressly stated, they are everywhere identical, and everywhere tacitly accepted and recognized,” etc.


It might even occur that, in the course of all these transactions, their original object would be forgotten; the moderately rich Jews would have created a new and judensstaat business, and Jewish emigration would be forgotten.

Organization will make of it something rational. We shall educate children as we wish from the commencement; but this I shall not elaborate either. The State should, therefore, receive compensation for this loss. But even in economically feebler grades of society, our love of trade is not so predominant as is generally supposed. Herzl’s contribution was to establish a unified Zionist movement that made a public statement of its political ambitions and settlement program.

Is it not true that, in countries where we live in perceptible numbers, the position of Jewish lawyers, doctors, technicians, teachers, and employees of all descriptions becomes daily more intolerable?

“The Jewish State” (Theodor Herzl)

It would be useless. The Jewish State is available in the versions: We possess all human and material resources necessary for the purpose. The aristocracy may serve as an example of this, for in its ranks occur the proportionately largest numbers of mixed marriages.

He contacted Baron Hirsch for the first time with his ideas in the spring ofbut Hirsch and kudenstaat turned him down. Herzl was not a racist, and did not base his conception of the Jewish people on racist ideas of nationalism current at the time, but rather on cultural and historical development.