If there is a fine line between crime news and the gossip press, Juana Barraza Samperio just recently crossed it. The notorious year-old. It will analyze the representations of Juana Barraza, as La Dama del la policía capturo a una mujer, Juana Barraza Samperio, conocida en el la lucha libre. Finally, in , police caught a female [lucha libre] wrestler red-handed: Juana Barraza Samperio, as she fled the scene where an year-old.

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48 murders later, the “Little Old Lady Killer” files for divorce | In English | EL PAÍS

Mar 31, Age 50 Sentence: The weapons were occasionally a little different, ranging from medical equipment, phone wires, scarves, and stockings, but the cause of death was bwrraza vicious strangulation. Stranglers kill by Strangulation. Then again, Barraza herself is seen wearing bright red in virtually every picture of her there is, wrestling gear notwithstanding. Police found evidence that some of her victims were also abused [12].

Killer: Juana Barraza – La Mataviejitas, The Old Lady Killer Profiled on

Since sentences imposed in Mexican courts are generally served concurrently, but the maximum sentence under Mexican law is 60 years, she will most likely serve the full sentence in prison. Mexico City 28 JUL – Once inside, she offered little conversation. Discovery en Smaperio in Spanish. Barraza was tried in the spring ofthe prosecution alleging she had been responsible for as many as 40 deaths.

Juana Barraza born 27 December is a Mexican former professional wrestler and serial killer dubbed La Barrazw Sp. La Mataviejitas has become more than a popular folk figure in the collective Mexican imagination.

The following serial killers were active during the same time span as Juana Barraza Juana Barraza asked for a divorce. Of course, that the lone adult influence in her life was an alcoholic prostitute who verbally and physically abused her whenever they were alone was considerably worse than a lack of education.


In order barraz gain the trust of her victims, Barraza posed as a government official who worked in social welfare. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Brraza and Privacy Policy. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. In the American legal system, this would almost definitely mean either life in prison or possibly the death sentence, depending on which state it took place in.

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Jan 24, Age 48 Convicted: She laughs now when she thinks about it. By Novemberthe Mexican authorities were reporting witness statements to the effect that the killer wore women’s clothing to gain access to the victim’s apartments. She would knock on the door, smile, introduce herself as a social worker and flash a stethoscope. This woman with shiny hair and a permanent smile on her face was many things before she became a prisoner.

Two months later, police began checking the fingerprints of bodies in the city’s morgues in the apparent belief that Mataviejitas might have committed suicide. Born to poverty in Epazoyucan, Mexico inBarazza was disadvantaged from a young age regardless of how her mother acted, never learning to read or write.

A judge convicted her on 17 murder counts, but some investigators believe that Barraza may have killed up to 40 women during her crime spree. Juana Barraza born 27 December [1] is a Mexican former professional wrestler and serial killer dubbed La Mataviejitas Sp. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

During their year-long marriage, they only saw each other three times for a total of 40 minutes. Back to top Serial Killers Active During The following serial killers were active during the same time span as Juana Barraza Her husband is a year-old fellow convict who is also serving a murder sentence at the same prison.

Samperio smaperio also sell her daughter to horrific men wanting to sexually abuse her, usually for disgustingly low prices. The wedding, organized by a government program, was given massive publicity and treated like a great love story. Instead, she strangled her victim, usually with said stethoscope and then stabbed her.


Soon after setting an investigation in motion, the police incurred further criticism by barrxza what one journalist described as a “ham-fisted” and unproductive swoop on Mexico Baraza transvestite prostitutes.

Barraza’s mother, Justa Samperio, was an alcoholic who reportedly exchanged her for three beers to a man who repeatedly raped her in his care. Barraza, born to an alcoholic mother who would sell her to the highest bidder when she was a child, always dressed in red to commit her crimes. After the collective ceremony, prison officials provided food, music and a cake during the reception, according to a statement. Investigating officers suspected that the killer posed as a government official, offering victims the chance to sign up for welfare programs.

This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat In one case a large woman in a red blouse was seen leaving the home of a murdered woman.

On 31 March she was found guilty on 16 charges of sampdrio and aggravated burglary, including 11 separate counts of murder. Some investigators believe that Barraza killed up to 40 elderly women during her crime spree.

Of course, this story got a little more suspect when Barraza went on to confess two further murders after evidence made it clear she was involved with them, as well.

Barraza bludgeoned or strangled them before robbing them.

Juana Barraza

The first murder attributed to Mataviejitas has been dated variously to the late s and to juaan specific killing on 17 November Five women die a violent death every day in Mexico. Strangulation is death by compressing the neck until the supply of oxygen is cut off. But it was because of her shocking exploits, which eventually landed her in prison with a year term, that reporters dubbed her La Mataviejitas the zamperio killer.