Sulekha Creative Blog – It seems it was destined that I read ‘INTERMISSION’ by Nirupama Subramanian much before I would complete ‘Govinda’ by Krishna. My review on the book by Nirupama Subramaniam – Intermission. Smita recommended this book on my review of the Author’s first book. Varun, lives a ordered, boring, not-so-happily married life with his wife.

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Traffic jams are a part of the staple diet of the urban Indian. I liked the ending as well. In the midst of the tumultuous love story of Varun and Sweety, the author also rakes open a plethora of issues ranging from the relationship between masters and servants, societal pressures and troubles of the urban family. I liked the ending as well. Finding Indian Authors at the libraies here have been a challenge, let me see if I can get this book. Have picked this off the shelf in the library several times and kept it back.

It is 46 feet tall and carved out of a single stone, perhaps an ode to the noble, existential struggle of all humankind. Aug 07, Geetanjali rated it did not like it. When they learnt we were from India, one…. Why should gender enter the picture? From intrusive in laws and absconding domestic staff to potholes and pigs on the road, there is a new challenge to be confronted every day.


Harini rated it really liked it Oct 03, Disappointed since I thought that it will live upto the standards of Nirupama’s previous book – Keep the change. After a tumultuous affair, Sweety realises that love isn’t everything; everybody has to adjust and make compromises, sentiment echoed by the authors as she signs off philosophically, “There’re multi-levels of love, it’s not uni-dimensional.

Need to definitely get my hands on this one. Both Varun and Sweety are very different people.

Intermission by Nirupama Subramanian

Intermission was released in July The language is crisp and erudite without being unduly mushy or prosaic The Novel had good moments and simple narration but can’t digest the basic fact of sleeping with somebody else’s spouses instead of trying to solve out their own martial problems. Alright, I did it.

Two reasons behind it — A Lately I have kind of lost the motivation to read books, this will help me finish at least one every week. Deepthi rated it liked it Mar 07, Here’s the author talking about her latest book, Intermission.

Varun brings in new adventures in her life and she gets tempted for a life with him. And its based out of my city too. And all the characters feel real. So I felt it is a bit out of sync. The couple hardly talk about their lives with each other, they are not even ready to discuss their life, the everyday routine activities as it may appear through the narrative.


To suvramanian other readers questions about Intermissionplease sign up. The frustrations and the challenges that each of them face is nicely brought out. She was a part of a 24 hours international book project in which featured writers from four countries who collaborated to write a novel within 24 hours. There is a lot of sincerity to offer though with the characters. The book was too monotonous.

Intermission – by Nirupama Subramaniam | Book review

The language is crisp and erudit Thoroughly enjoyed intermissoin this one Dec 26, Nandhitha Hariharan rated it liked it. But then I would blame it to the other books of the Indian fiction genre where the ending is almost always the same.

We all believe that women should and […]. Nirupama was also a winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Competition prize in for her short fiction. Having recently shifted out of her joint family, Sweety is savouring the joys of nuclear living.