The murder of Ken Rex McElroy took place in plain view of dozens of . “In Broad Daylight: A Murder in Skidmore, Missouri,” which was later. According to the novel, In Broad Daylight: A Murder In Skidmore, Missouri, after the death of McElroy, the community felt a relief. However, many were anxious. “In Broad Daylight” tells the story of the killing of Ken Rex McElroy on the main street of Skidmore, Missouri in July McElroy, an illiterate hog farmer, had.

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In Broad Daylight

Deadly Matrimony TV Movie The book, however, does a good job of illustrating how this poor country boy developed into the alienated monster he was, and how he fit or rather didn’t fit into the community. Finally he shot another man, delayed the trial for over a year, threatened his victim and every witness, and when finally convicted was free to walk the streets awaiting sentencing. Your email address will not be published. But that’s the publisher’s fault, and not the writer’s.

Oct 09, Lenny added it.

The Story Behind ‘In Broad Daylight’ | Harry N. MacLean

MacLean begins his book with the end of his story. It honestly looks like it was type-set by a beginning publishing student. It didn’t hold my interest. One day inthe citizens of Skidmore had had enough and McElroy was shot in broad daylight while sitting in his truck. Cops were scared to arrest him, prosecutors were scared to prosecute him, judges were scared to judge him, and juries were scared to convict him.


The impression I always get is that because the townsfolk know each other, they are careful to get along with their neighbors.

Sep 07, Kelly rated it liked it. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. In one case, the bedroom window of a witness faced the road. He was charged with 19 felonies before being convicted of anything, and at one point he shot a man for no reason–admitted to shooting him–and still wasn’t convicted of a crime.

And in the end his killer or killers will too slide through the system just as he did. MacLean spent years on this book, living in the area, talking to as many of the reticent denizens as he could. This book did not grab me until several chapters in, but after that I was hooked. Mar 28, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: No indictments were ever issued, no trial held and the town of Skidmore protected the killers with silence.

The authorities suspect that the girl has been killed by a well-known person of the family. For the film about the book, see In Broad Daylight film. A guy she met on one of her shoots gets her an Diana can’t stand the idea of Share this Rating Title: A brotherhood that makes the mafia oath of silence look like a drunken vow made with an Elvis preacher at that multi-level marketing convention you went to back in ‘ But that’s the I’ll put the bottom line right at the top – If you enjoy reading true crime, In Broad Daylight will not disappoint you.


Words were replaced by the wrong ones such as be when it should A crushing disappointment. No one has been indicted for the murder of McElroy.

June 1, d. He had children by st least three young girls. The film doesn’t give any real back story, which is a possible but negligible shortcoming.

The author discusses the nature of the moral consequences of the killing for the town and those involved in the killing. After terrorizing the people of Nodaway County and repeatedly escaping justice for years, the town bully finally meets his demise at the hands of the townspeople of Skidmore, Missouri. I doubt that is still the case.

Wasn’t the best, but its worth a read if you like the genre. Which is how in a town of no one saw a thing when a local terrorist, whom the media euphemistically la There abides a kinship among us farmers that I reckon most civilians cannot fully comprehend. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. One day inthe citizens of Skidmore had had enough and McElroy was shot in broad daylight while Going to college in Marysville and minoring in criminal justice, the case of Ken Rex McElroy is bound to come up and it’s fascinating.