An Introduction on Hudaya Canon – The Magna Carta of Syriac Orthodox Church by Fr. George Vayaliparambil. Introduction Book of Guides (Hudaya), Or. The Canon Law accepted and followed by the Orthodox church of Malankara was collected and codified by Mar Gregorios Bar Hebraeus, Catholicos of Edessa. Download Hudaya canon pdf manual: ?file= hudaya+canon+pdf+manual Read Online Hudaya canon pdf.

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It was reduced to Maphriyan and later abolished in a local Synod.

He is noted for his works concerning philosophy, poetry, language, history, and theology; he has been called “one of the most learned and versatile men from the Syriac Orthodox Church” Dr. He is also known as the Light of East and West. I just want to read the parts that have anything to do with the Universal Patriarchates and the state of the Maphrianate in India. So, the Christian approach is to remain united.

Thomas Christians of India. It is the topics which comes under each chapters.

If there is no maphriyano ;metropolitans are not allowed ordain each other. Canon is very clear that the authority of Patriarch did not go beyond Antioch and regions within Byzantine empire.

1907 Hudaya Canon Malayalam

In his editorial note it is mentioned that the remaining thirty chapters contain subjects that are irrelevant for the Malankara Church, but connected with the Middle East society of that period. Having carefully and camon scrutinized the verdicts of the Church Fathers and the decrees of the provincial and ecumenical councils he collected them, edited and classified under different heads.


The confusion results from English usage.

Later they moved from there and settled in Antioch. Our unity is understood as unity in faith.

The Canon Law of the Malankara Orthodox Church |

So, it is huadya same faith in all OO churches. Recent Post by Page. Only a Church truly believing in the priesthood of Apostle Thomas can follow the lineage of Apostle Thomas.

If Catholics are “not true Christians”, and Hudayya determined the Biblical canon? The Government servant, who was in charge of State treasury, cano was known in that name.

Armenian used this title for the Patriarch Bishop i. There are other parts too i will try to send it as soon as i can. It means Chapter Posooko: So dear Mina i would like to stop here about Hudaya canon before it start another spark and rest of the Orthodox world laugh at us.

I dont know how we gonna justify us on the last day.

We do not have the concept of universal primacy as in RC. Thank you for your kind support and ccanon. The reason why I ask this, and I wish this not to be a debate, since both sides interpret history differently from one another, is that I want to look at this objectively. Like this Indians also should do as ordered by Patriarch of Antioch Patriarch should not prevent them to avoid the widowhood of many parishes.

Primary reason for the formation hudqya Catholicate was spiritual, to take care of the needs of hdaya Eastern Church. Abyssinians are not given authority to ordain patriarch for them.


The original syriac manuscript was edited and printed in Paris in by Paul Bedjan. Not sure about english versons.

Currently each church has the freedom to work in respective regions based in own consitutions and our unity in faith. We have to accept present huadya.

Can we know more: Hudaya Canon, Translated by Fr. Did you know that the Virgin Mary was not really a virgin? You can also try one of the. We all know court cases never going to bring peace we paid millions of money to lawyers which should been used for spreading of gospal and needs of fellow humans. The ten chapters contain matters related to church politics, sacraments, feasts and fasts, burial rites etc.

The title ‘Maphriyan’ did not exist at this point and the Orthodox Catholicate was understood as a position parallel to that of Nestorian Catholicate.

It was revived in India due to the interest of St. A change to this happened when the Eastern people requested help from the West after the persecution started by Nestorians. Why can we trust the Bible? I firly believe that all our sister churches believe in unity, which is resulting from confession of one faith.