: HODEIEN ADOREA (Paperback): Language: Basque. Brand New Book. Hodeien Adorea by Yoseba Peya at – ISBN – ISBN – Susa – – Softcover. HODEIEN ADOREA: Books –

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Instead of focusing on a single medium, she tries to combine them. Diarmuid is an actor, writer and dramatherapist and is also a drama teacher at all education levels and in the professional sector as well. As a guest of ministries of culture or writers’ associations, he took study trips to NorwayEgyptetc. From there he gradually shifted his focus from journalism to directing and writing scripts. On the other side of the glass pane a woman cries as she talks on the phone, her shopping bags abandoned at her feet; it feels like life is about to end but it goes on relentlessly, wretched thing.

Jan Menno Rozendal Bitola.

Diarmuid de Faoite Diarmuid is an actor, writer and dramatherapist and is also a drama teacher at all education levels and in the professional sector as well. Whenever I get hurt, I feel the need to let it all out … in any language, but mainly in Basque … I want to be a writer … but I am a poet!

She wants to write a Frisian story for young people 15 to 20 years in Ireland, but in the end she wants to produce a novel and film scenario for a music film. Hein Jaap Hilarides Maribor. After 15 years pursuing a scientific career, with more than 60 articles in diverse scientific magazines and conferences and a book on game theory and energy optimal algorithms for energy markets: He is the president of Youth Forum, an organization based in Bitola in which he has carried out many projects on various subjects.

She lives in Maribor. Marija, at only 20 years of age, is one of the most promising and ambitious writers in Macedonia. I like describing my feelings through poetry, as in a soft tune. She won several prizes for her work: Cyril and Methodius State University of Skopje. Centre for Romanian Studies.


Cvetka Bevc, who lives and works in Ljubljana, is a writer of prose, poetry, young adult literature and dramatic works. He is a writer in his own right also.

Zarko later started to play the guitar and hoeien songs.

Adorea – Meaning And Origin Of The Name Adorea |

Aleksandar Mishevski was born in in Bitola. The Committee is of the opinion that Karen, with her choice of a topical subject, a multimedia form and an important target group, fits very well with the aims of the Oare Wurden project. Gerard De Jong Donostia. He is an award winner of “Lesnovski zvona” for a best debutant book from a young writer. This is a record in the more than two years of this project. I have published a number of magazine and newspaper articles, often on the issue of poetry e.

It only needs to have an idea, a goal, and a will. Currently she is working on her first collection of short stories that is about to come out in He settled in Zarautz in Guipuzkoa in the Basque Country 10 years ago. He studied psychology and trained as a teacher at Salamanca University, and studied Basque philology at the University of the Basque Country.

She went on to overcome this setback and has been writing ever since. The aim of those competitions is to promote literature and culture. During his residency in Macedonia Zdravko would like to work on his translation and screenplay project. While in San Sebastian, he wants to write a short story in the Bildt language, his mother tongue, a non-Frisian regional minor language in the Province of Friesland; a language which developed from the sixteenth century when Dutch dike workers and farm workers emigrated to Friesland in order to win land from the sea in the Bildt region.

His first poetry book is “With me, inside me”, and his poems were released in a lot of Macedonian journals. To show that it is possible to put the spade in new ground and gain terrain like a literary mud worker: In the year Zdravko got employed at Cankarjeva publishing house where he continued working until his retirement in His first published poems appeared in the Gorizia local magazine Via Libera. Poetry in Translation CVI: Her passion, love and spiritual energy are used fully for the arts.


We, on our part, are determined to enjoy his creation process through his posts on the Other Words blog. Arregi is a regular contributor to the Basque press for which he often writes leading articles and reviews, and he has taken part in many literary festivals.

He has worked as a creative copywriter in areas of Communication such as journalism, publicity and literature.

Dust and fallen leaves, murky waters, darkened windows everywhere. She has also written several screenplays, theatre musicals and numerous musical presentations and original scores for radio plays, theatre plays and films.

He has also translated the work of adorda Spanish poet Ernestina de Champourcin into Basque. Necesitamos trompetas, por favor, trompetas. She will regularly publish about her experiences via a blog on the website of Oare Wurden.

Chansons d’amour ilargi beterik gabeko gauak Love songs moonless nights.

Bertso nobela: Hodeien adorea

Gregor writes short stories and poems. New Anthology of Romanian Women. After reading the content of the fifth Beste hitzak open call, the first thought that came to my mind was that this was THE opportunity to share my language and culture with other countries while developing my ability to become a hkdeien writer.

A sdorea to this young author’s home would find themself in a world where words written in all types of surfaces have a major presence, where bits of paper lay scattered all around. Ekaitz Goienetxea Maribor Sorkuntza lana. Her poetry, translations and articles are regularly published in literary magazines in Slovenia and abroad. He lives and works between Nova Gorica, Ljubljana and Maribor.

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