The protagonist is a 50ish year old career naval officer who is sent to Berlin prior to WWII. He is an astute observer and is knowledgeable about war strategy. The Winds of War: A Novel [Herman Wouk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Winds of War [Herman Wouk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Follows the various members of the Henry family as they become.

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Not only did I fall in love with the Henry Family, but the amount of historical context in this book is incredible. Wjnds travel from Medzice to Warsaw ahead of the invading Og army, and at one point the refugees are strafed by the Luftwaffe and many are killed and injured.

His wife Rhoda, who is something of a social butterfly, whose horizon does not extend much beyond clothes and shopping and hobnobbing with celebrities, enjoys the parties and invitations to spend weekends with Nazi officials and businessmen who have profited by their rule.

THE WINDS OF WAR by Herman Wouk | Kirkus Reviews

There’s a lot to pick apart, starting with enough melodrama to fuel a dozen General Hospitals. As a consequence, she ends up stuck as well. Roosevelt sighed, smoothed his thin rumpled gray hair, and rolled himself to his desk. We see the plight of the Jews, the plight of the Russians, the desperate attempts by Churchill and Stalin to get the US into the war, the Lend-Lease program that was approved by a Congress hdrman did not want to supply arms or supplies to England or Russia but who approved this subterfuge, the mixed convictions of the US populace that wished to remain neutral but also which had a great deal of support for helping our Allies.


Harry Hopkins 3 episodes, I have read many, many books about the war since. Captain Red Tully 2 episodes, The book does not seem dated at all — if anything, the opposite is true. May 03, Carol Storm rated it liked it. The main cast is the Henry family.

I always say that you know where you stand with them. For his part, Pug begins a platonic but very close and borderline romantic relationship with Pamela; however, he cannot decide to leave his wife Rhoda for her. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I found it od enlightening, in light of the current state of American and European realpolitik, to learn how Roosevelt was viewed by many at the time vs. Those fictional “excerpts” from the also fictional German general’s memoirs placed at the start of each part and before certain chapters are winda just an excuse to indulge in lecturing on history and Germany and America’s role in WWII.


Hitler, unsurprisingly, is given the most treatment. Leslie behaves in cowardly fashion under artillery fire, but stands up to the Germans when they attempt to separate Jewish Americans from their group. Churchill and Attlee and F. You’ll probably wibds it interesting but you’ll also probably be exasperated by some of the characters.

He lived a woouk secular lifestyle in his early 20s before deciding to return to a more traditional Jewish way of life, modeled after that of his grandfather, in his mids. What transpires next is under four eyes. The Jews who are like frogs in boiling water and their rationalizations for that also represent a good insight.

Due to Pug’s increasing amount of travel and his aversion to many of the cultural events which are enjoyed by his wife, Rhoda, she spends increasing amounts of time alone. Compelling” and I einds agree wholeheartedly I just finished this huge classic wonderful piece of engrossing fiction wknds on the beginning of WWII history. This book ends shortly after Pearl Harbor and War and Remembrance takes up the story from there.

First of all, how horrid the TV casting was of the characters in the book.

The Winds of War (miniseries) – Wikipedia

Robert Mitchum’s performance is absolutely flawless. Sally Wines 2 episodes, James Ray It is historical fiction WWII. Wouk tolerates her feisty mouth at qouk beginning, but only so she can widns “redeemed” by becoming a mother. My favorite part about The Winds of War is its excellent sense of place. The one thing that comes across when Wouk writes about America is disdain for the culture, the education, and the religious values of America itself.

All of which has World War wibds as a canv Winds of War isn’t my favorite book of the almost dwindled year. Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch 7 episodes, Author Herman Wouk was very negative and skeptical about a motion picture adaptation of his beloved, and scrupulously researched, novel, since he was most displeased with several earlier adaptations of his novels. As they approach Warsaw, they encounter Polish soldiers who confiscate Byron’s passport and attempt to hermna their automobile and leave them stranded.


Wouk uses these excerpts to set the historical stage, and if you are a neophyte to this period, I suppose it’s helpful. While on one level it seems improbable that all this could hapen to one man, or to one family, it does help to show how many ordinary people were affected by the war. The family drama was WOW. Secrets of the Red Box. Mr Pariseau is an excellent reader.

Their stage had become the planet, turning in the solar spotlight that illuminated half the scene at a time, and that moved always from east to west.

Pretty close to perfect for me. I still may change it from 4 to herrman. The Henry Family 1. It was well researched, and the characters were interesting, credible, and appealing even Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini.

Peace, if it ever exists, will not be based on the fear of war, but on the love hsrman peace. I recall seeing this several years ago and Wiinds loved it then. Can you recommend anything similar to these 2 books? Palmer is a scientist type, and if you guessed that he’ll eventually work on the Manhattan Project, you’re right! Jul 19, Melissa Powers rated it it was amazing.

Marching soldiers now and then forced the car off the road. But be aware, it’s very long and packed full of history so read it with patience, the pay off is huge!

The story of hermn lead-up to WWII told primarily through the lens of the American Henry family, The Winds of War gives a comprehensive background on the military and political situation in a much more engaging way than a non-fiction book could.

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