Haniotika Nea – Photo Gallery. There are currently no photos associated to this company. Are you the owner/manager of this company? Contact us. Add photos/ . The unique in Greece Museum of Typography is found in Chania, not far from the city, in the Park of Local Industries in Souda and constitutes the vision of. Learn about working at Χανιώτικα νέα – Haniotika Nea. Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at Χανιώτικα νέα – Haniotika Nea, leverage your.

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Publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals A film is the director. Frequent updates ensuring high quality data. Please fill in your login hanlotika password Login. Turnover Information available as an option. It is a blessed place that is a unique natural setting.

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You might also like. If he has a different view then there is a problem. You sing and play music which, as you say, is on an amateur level. This service is produced by Kompass. How does a filmmaker survive in this environment? In England the UKfor example, they finance part of production in a variety of ways, whereas here all we do is ask for large sums of money … How do you see the future?

Beyond that, thankfully, there is advertising are commercials … Are there some things you only do for money and others that you do only for art or does every challenge create a gateway towards creativity and creation? Discover the best events for your business. Crete in general could. In Greece, when we talk about the cinema, we tend to focus on the director and new protagonists talents of the film.


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I want to be proud of every project that I am involved with. In Chania, Pantelis Voulgaris is currently making his new film, while Thodoris Papadoulakis just filmed his latest series here. Could Chania become a cinematic point of reference for filmmakers? Help with expert advice. I remember two years ago when I was in the Film Festival in Drama. That is the power of cinema. No one is proud just because he is breathing!

In England the UKfor example, they finance part of production in a variety of ways, whereas here all we do is ask for large sums of money ….

There was no sense of competition between the other creators. Frequent updates ensuring high quality data Secure online payment Help with expert advice Dedicated customer service team. Executive information Download the executives list. To endure the crisis and remain faithful to your artistic belief means that you really love what you do. Press 2 months, 2 weeks ago 0.

He is the conductor. What I am concerned with however is quality. Description Key figures Executives Activities. My contact with him gave me a more general artistic influence…. Do you believe that is somewhat unfair on everyone else involved in the making of a film? What would happen if live song was used to create a story? In Greece, the economic crisis has been a reality now for many years, and as we know cinema is a very costly art form.

How do you see the haniotuka

Activities Producer Distributor Service provider Flatbed printing: No one else can exist without him. It is all about the essence for them. The data we collect are only those necessary for the proper use of our service. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. One of the first musical sounds I remember is us singing Erotokritos together on our trips from Chania to our land in Agia.


Haniotika Nea |

His creative passion is shared between cinema and music. Walter once told me a good movie should be easy to understand even when you remove the sound.

On an emotional level, they work together. What have you kept from your acquaintance with him?

When I first started he helped me to understand the cinema, to find exactly what I wanted to do. I met excellent filmmakers and other talented people who all shared one thing, a love for the cinema.

I am infinitely grateful for everything… He is also a man who teaches humility in his own way.

We all remember the commercial that Thodoris created for the Prefecture where a director tells a producer that he can make a film around the world on one single island. The only problem is that the State has done nothing so far to attract foreign productions. However, the festivals are very important in the sense that they are celebrations where creators unite. Just as the cinema takes you on a journey through images and creates feelings, music does exactly the same without images.

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