DYNAMIC: Safaricom’s director of consumer business Sylvia Mulinge shows customers features of the new FLEX service during its launch at. There is no practical difference between Safaricom Flex Bundles from let’s say a new Tariff that would offer voice, data and text at hugely. Flex Tariff. PM. Can anybody tell me please if existing PAYG boosts can be transferred to these new plans? Also are they technically PAYG or .

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This is because 3 text messages will consume 1 Flex Unit, and if your Flex Units is the monthly rate of Shs 0. Safaricom Flex Bundles are supposed to be flexible, in that the bundles should allow you to access voice, data and text all within one bundle purchase. Forgive me if that makes no sense but here is the simplified explanation:. Eti mb for 99 bob? Anyway, after one minute of phone call and one hour worth of browsing, your new flex balance should be units.

I want to change my account from pay monthly to flex plan, how do I do this. You can then buy any of the bundles below:. Knitted or crocheted fabrics 1. Handbags with outer surface of plastic sheeting or of textile materials with or without shoulder strap, including those What is your opinion on the topic? Say hello to data you can control up and down.


Find out more about our flexible tariffs and other benefits. Dubbed Flex, this new bundle would let Safaricom customers buy Flex units using their airtime and […]. Remember one flex unit is worth Shs 0. This data comes from China Customs official government agency This data is monthly updated. For instance, purchasing Airtel Unliminet for Shs 1, every month ought to give you 2GB of data, minutes talk time, and text messages. I say this from my calculations.

New super flexible EE SIM plan lets you change phone tariff whenever you like | TechRadar

See terms and exclusions. At fext, Safaricom Flex Bundles was celebrated as the final freedom provider to Safaricom service users. In case of any discrepancy, official versions and interpretations shall prevail.

See our cookie policy and find out how to manage cookies. What happens when you run out of data but you still have of talk time and text taariff and your Unliminet is about to expire? Not everyone can afford Shs 99 each day the only option that was available at launch or even the newly introduced shs 50 flex bundle, but a number of subscribers would love to have a shs 20 daily option. Thanks for your patience. Yearly Upgrade Programme Upgrade on us, after 12 months.

The cookies we use include analytics and advertising cookies. If you move to a lower tariff, you could lose some of your benefits, even if you later move back to a higher tariff.


Rticles of iron or steel 2. Painted canvas,impregnated,coated or covered with other materials other than rubber,plastic, paste.

Flexible tariffs

In one hour, you shall have consumed MBs. You can compare this with the monthly data bundle for Shs 2, which gives you 7. The bundles are available to all customers PrePay and PostPay apart from special tariffs such as corporate tariffs Zidisha Plus.

Special woven fabrics, tufted textiles, lace 2.

At the end of each month, last month’s data is available. Can anybody tell me please if existing PAYG boosts can be transferred to these new plans?

Many would have wanted to be able to transform text messages and airtime to data — since with data you can decide to watch endless YouTube videos and exhaust the entire bundles before the tarlff time.

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Airtel also introduced their daily Unliminet at Shs 50 and Shs options, but later realized that they needed to introduce the Shs 20 Unliminet option too. You have been successfully logged out. I still use safcom only for mpesa.