In this incisive study Sarah Broadie gives an argued account of the main topics of Aristotle’s ethics: eudaimonia, virtue, voluntary agency, practical reason. Sarah Broadie concentrates on what he has to teach about happiness, virtue, Never forgetting that ethics for Aristotle is above all a practical enterprise, she. , English, Book edition: Ethics with Aristotle / Sarah Broadie. Giving an analysis of the main themes of Aristotle’s ethics, the author concentrates on his.

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Sarah Broadie – – In Richard Kraut ed. With access conditions Oxford Scholarship Online at http: Chapter 2 Virtues and Parts of the Soul.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Preliminaries on the Development of Virtue. Essays on Metaphysics and Ethics.

Physical Description xiii, p. This is surely right, but one cannot help wondering what had happened between the later fifth century and Aristotle’s time to make this issue a less pressing one, especially when B. The University of Melbourne.

Broadie could maintain that virtue requires us to have a range of ground-level ultimate ends, so that, since virtuous activity is the core of happiness, we can be happy only if we don’t always pursue happiness: Chapter 4 Practical Wisdom. Theoria in the Eudemian Ethics.


Sarah Broadie

The concept of pleasure as value-judgment is expounded, and the problem of akrasia aristtole argued to be less of a problem to Aristotle than to his modern interpreters. She attributes our anxieties to “inordinate respect for natural science”, which she describes as “an attitude of philosophers, not of scientists as such” A Basis for Justice.

University of Sydney Library. Books Available for Review. Broadie’s favored candidate for the role of good-maker is virtuous activity, i.

Sarah Broadie, Ethics with Aristotle – PhilPapers

They are characterised by the way aristolte which they compare Aristotelian perspectives with modern philosophical ones, a way which helps both the student of Aristotle and the contemporary philosophical enquirer, in the former case by highlighting how Aristotle’s approaches and assumptions differ from our own, in the latter by highlighting the possibility of framing questions without taking the assumptions of contemporary discourse for granted.

She explores the sense of “eudaimonia,” probes Aristotle’s division of the soul and its virtues, and traces the ambiguities in “voluntary. She explores the sense of “eudaimonia,” probes Aristotle’s division of the soul and witn The Status of the Mean. In chapter 7, “Soul and body in Plato and Descartes”, B.


A powerful aristltle of insights about how to read Aristotle’s ethics and many suggestive ideas about how to do ethics with Aristotle.

But there is no clear-cut evidence that Aristotle subscribed to this separation of levels. The University of Melbourne Library. Because they make this difference only among lives with the highest good, Broadie regards the highest good as making them good; it is the “source of value for the other goods” In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up.

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Ethics With Aristotle

Includes bibliographical references p. Sarah Broadie is well known for her publications on Aristotle’s philosophy of nature as S.

The essays are mostly recent sincebut there are two from the s and one from the ’80s. Chapter 4 Practical Wisdom. The Limits of Hedonism. Oxford University Press Comments and reviews What are comments?

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