Transcript of Estufa Patsari. Comparar la exposición de CO y biomarcadores urinarios de tipo PHA (Hidrocarburos Aromáticos Policíclicos) pre. kit de estufa Patsari® Follow. Friend; Family; Unfollow. Kit Patsari®. kit de estufa Patsari®. Done. Comment. views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the “patsari” Flickr tag. View allAll Photos Tagged patsari. Kit Patsari® by Cooperativa kit de estufa Patsari®.

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But the Mayan women in Mexico need a larger comal cooking surface so the Patsari stove better meets their cooking needs. Maria cooking tortillas on her new Patsari stove. A New Patsari Stove by Dr. Francisco patsaru Ruben are placing a metal mold around the area in which the stove will be built.

Tortilla Lesson by Dr. People get stuck on the road. Village of Monte Sion. P by brian fey.

Estufa Patsari by Bruno Valencia on Prezi

Maria’s Patsari Stove by Dr. This Mayan cook has painted her stove to beautify it.


Ruben Gabriel, a stove building expert from Patzcuaro, Michoacan, is building a stove in Angela’s kitchen. Tortillas are the most important dish and piles of them are eatufas in every Mayan kitchen daily.

Patsari Stove Construction by Dr.

Kit Patsari®

The white color on the front comal cooking surface is called Cal, a soft lime powder to deep the tortillas from sticking. This makes the Onil stove a good stove for Guatemala. Lime is also added to the kernals of corn that have been soaked in water.

Cooking Fires by Dr. She painted the top blue. Ruben working – Diane pretending!

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Patsari Stove by Dr. Patsari Stove construction by Dr. This allows for precise measurements estuffas exact duplications from one stove to another. Metal comales will be placed on top.

Newly constructed stove in Pedro’s house before first use. Typical smoke-filled kitchen on left. Angela with her new Patsari stove.

On right two Mayan women from Guatemala cook pahsari on their new Onil Stove. This process is called nixtamalization which releases the protein and vitamins in an easily digestible form. The molds have just been removed to make the two small comales at the rear of the stove’s surface. This mixture is then boiled until the combinatrion of ;atsari and chemical has sloughed off the transparent skin protecting the meat inside.


Inside Patsari stove under construction in Chiapas, Mexiclo. Trinidad, owner of new Patsari stove by Dr. The cooked kernals are then ground and can be made into a variety of dishes. Francisco patsaru Diane are partners in their efforts to bring the Patsari stove to Chiapas. There is also a spiritual dimension to “corn. Patsari Stoves by Dr. View all All Photos Tagged patsari.