Content strategy is the web’s hottest new thing. But where did it come from? Why does it matter? And what does the content renaissance mean for you? This brief. Erin Kissane is a content strategist and editor based in New York City and Portland, Oregon. She currently leads projects for content strategy. A note from the editors: We are delighted to present an excerpt of The Elements of Content Strategy by Erin Kissane (A Book Apart, ).

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Apr 17, anna b rated it really liked it Shelves: Before you can improve something, you have to know where it stands.

The Elements of Content Strategy

If you know nothing about Content Strategy, pay close attention to the Design Principles provided at the beginning of the book. If you’re in the arena or want to get a better understanding of those who operate in it, give this a read. The third installment, by Erin Kissane, delivers. It helps standardize how content is created, managed, and edited.

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I am already printing out the list of deliverables and outlining her approach. In the final section, as she starts to explain her methodology for doing content strategy, she discusses the deliverables that content strategists create. I understand that it’s not like a tech book which can give you specific strategies and code examples, but I personally would have preferred more space allotted to things like content audits – the more hands-on sections – than strateyy focus on what content strategy is and how it fits into the general scheme of things.


A few weeks ago I was actually strtaegy by a leader in one of our sister organizations to do content strategy.

I’m a designer first and a content strategist second or maybe third or fourthand I found Kissane’s writing clear, compelling, and useful. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I’ve g This is a must-read for anyone who works in, on, erih around the web.

Her approach here is intriguing and fun. Few project managers and stakeholders seem to realize this. With the rise of Internet communications comes the necessity of content strategy.

For me, the book felt essential. Nov 06, Caitlin rated it liked it Shelves: Could there be a third way?

The Elements of Content Strategy by Erin Kissane

Judging from Kissane’s writing it really flows well and is logically structuredI lissane her own standards for content are high. There were some great pointers on communicating with and interviewing customer staff, but the world she talked about in this book couldn’t be further from the work environment I find myself in. And why does it matter?

It also provides a glimpse on the usual methodologies and d Nice intro to Content Strategy, as seen from different angles those of Marketing, User Experience, Editing, Erln, or Business Strategy.


Other books in the series. It also provides a glimpse on the usual methodologies and deliverables within the discipline.

Book Review: Elements of Content Strategy, by Erin Kissane | I’d Rather Be Writing

May 11, Tore rated it it was ok Shelves: Ironically, I found this primer on content strategy, The Elements of Content Strategy by Erin Kissane, lacking in both content and strategy. I feel this is a great misstep in the way many fall into the trap of equating user experience to user interface.

Useful for managing content projects. Kissane lists a bucketful of possible deliverables a content strategist creates: I’ve given this to everyone at my agency who works on the web.

If you have a chance to read her book, definitely do it. The book served as a motivation for me to revisit the overall strategy for communications for my own product.

It resonates with some recent experiences. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Doing an inventory or in case of massive sites, audit of the edin, including Page Title, URL, Date published, Date updated, content type, content owner, is critical to understanding what the scope of the project is.

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