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The Elders say, however, that a foreign woman may perform this task provided there are other Jewish women present, but never alone. If the Goi wins, tell him that is what our laws require. Thus, the MischnaGemarah desenmascaradi, Tosephoththe marginal notes of Rabbi Ascher, the Piske Tosephoth and the Perusch Hamischnaioth of Maimonides, all collected into one, constitute a vast work which is called the Talmud.

EL TALMUD : El libro primitivo y, anti-occidental – Hitos de la historia

It treats of sacrifices and various sacred rites. V, we find the following opinion: Tamlud are, therefore, children of the Schedthe devil. The Mischnah is the foundation and the principal part of the whole Talmud. The meaning of this is that his Mary was called Stada, that is, a prostitute, because, according to what was taught at Pumbadita, she left her husband and commited adultery. Those desiring more recent research exposing the Talmud are referred to Michael A. By the numbering method of the Gammatria these letters equalwhich taken together make the word Jeschu.

The same is found in Matthew ch.

II, and Schabbathch. Likewise in another prayer, in which they ask God soon to restore the kingdom of Dexenmascarado and to send Elias and the Messiah, etc. He who despises the words of the wise men shall be cast into the dirt heap with the damned. But Akum were created for the sole end of ministering unto them [the Jews] day and night. No one who has had the least acquaintance with the Holy Scriptures ever thought that tallmud commands should be taken literally.


They are also simply called Iom Deesnmascarado —Christian Days. The Babylonian Gemarahhowever, was not compiled by any one person, nor at any one time.

I wrote about the Jewish TALMUD in the Defender last month, explaining how this unmoral, immoral, criminal, anti-social code consisted of the accumulated writings of rabbis starting during the Babylonian captivity and ending in the fifth century A.

Even the work of binding such books is forbidden to a Jew.

Pranaĭtīs, I. B. (I︠U︡stīn Bonaventura) -1917

The present attitude of the Roman Catholic Church toward the Jew, as well as that of Mussolini, is of much interest for the latter has revived the age old disabilities of the Church against the Jews. Along with this, has desenmscarado a tremendous inflow of financial support. Jews cannot be merchants, Tax Collectors, or agents in the buying and selling of the produce and dwsenmascarado of Christians, nor their Procurators, Computers or Lawyers in matrimonial matters, nor Obstetricians; nor can they have association or partnership with Christians.

The same is permitted in the case of all gentiles who are not idolaters, such as the Turks [Ismaelites]. What the Talmud says about the religious worship of the Christians.

Justin Boneaventure Pranaitis – O Talmud desmascarado – The Savoisien

That Christians are flesh and bloodis proved from the prayer book: And that you command throughout your whole kingdom that the aforesaid books with all their glossaries, already condemned by the Doctors, be committed to the flames. And Rabbi Bechai, in his Kad Hakkemach fol.

Treats on the uncleanness arising from such secretions. But if so far he has not done so and if he was killed, then it is clear he was not the Messiah whom the Law tells us to expect.


EL TALMUD : El libro primitivo y, anti-occidental

As a result all the wine in both jars had to be thrown away. Desenmascaado must spare no means in fighting the tyrants who hold them in this Fourth Captivity in order to set themselves free. It treats of the time when the Sabbath and other festivals are to begin, ended and celebrated. Obhde Elilim —Servers of idols.

They are therefore required to keep as far away as possible from all who live and act as Christians do.

The Turkish Empire is called desenmmascarado Kingdom of the Ismaelites which they do not wish to destroy. And there ye shall serve gods, the work of men’s hands, of wood and stone. Therefore, if you see an Akum in difficulty or drowning, do not go to his help. They say that they are idolaters, the worst kind desenmascaraddo people, much worse talmdu the Turks, murderers, fornicators, impure animals, like dirt, unworthy to be called men, beasts in human form, worthy of the name of beasts, cows, asses, pigs, dogs, worse than dogs; that they propagate after the manner of beasts, that they have diabolic origin, that their souls come from the devil and return to the devil in hell after death; and that even the body of a dead Christian is nothing different from that of an animal.

All the Talmudists agree that the books of the Christians should be destroyed.

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