A masterpiece that is breathtaking in its scope, SARUM is an epic novel that traces the entire turbulent course of English history. This rich tapesty weaves a. Sarum. Set in the magical landscape of Stonehenge and the cathedral city of Salisbury, SARUM is an epic story of five families – the Wilsons, the Masons, the. Sarum. Q. You decided to write Sarum straight away? A. Not quite. For about three months I thought about several projects, but none seemed right. The idea of .

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All of this is woven into a rich tapestry which is a must for anyone who likes historical novels Even with a lot of rutherfurc time available it took me almost a week to read it.

Moving quickly along to King Arthur’s court, to the plague years, to the machinations of the Tudors, to the exploration of the New World, to the Revolutionary, First and Second World Wars. Its one thing to hear that the Saxons invaded at such and such a time, but a completely different thing to hear how it affected the people that were being invaded.

Sarum: The Novel of England

Lists with This Book. Having read his most recent book a while ago, I noticed quite a bit of progression in the writing. So it was going clean against the perceived market which, if you want to succeed, is usually what you should do. Val 07 October, This book is full of history, but it isn’t a “history book”.

How did it feel? I became a Rutherfurd fan on that flight and the heavy book made the return trip to sit happily on our bookshelf.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Most only receive a limited number of pages and their stories are not always fleshed out rutherfhrd well. But then, after it was closed, the under-bidder came back with an offer that was a hundred thousand dollars more. Arrow BooksEdward Rutherfurdreview. Each of the families can be identified through genetic characteristics handed down through the ages not simply physical characteristics, but attitudes and morals, too. But there must have ruthrrfurd inspiration as well to keep you going.



What I thought was going to be a visceral preoccupation with mating that the prehistoric times required turned out to be a thread throughout all of the ages that did not fade as much as I would have thought at first. My only caveat is that, after a virtually breathless examination of countless centuries of events, the titanic happenings of the 20th Century are glossed over in only a handful of pages.

But well worth the read, especially if you plan on visiting the area. The book follows five families from prehistoric to modern day, jumping through some of the most important moments in the history of Sarum and England.

And his research fell short in developing his ancient culture of England. It will stand side by side with Winston Churchill’s volumes on English history on bookshelves throughout the world.

Along with anything else that ever happened in Great Britain. I will try and finish it, ‘one day’, but I cannot imagine how far away ‘that day’ will be. Not to mention the attachment to the characters, who even in their worst flaws are extremely compelling.

View all 50 comments. He brought the book out with six different covers, each representing a different period of history. It was at no time vulgar, but after a while one begins to wonder how different sex in could be from sex inoror Roman times Inspired by Your Browsing History. I would love to see it corrected in later editions From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sarum is the first, Londona novel which Rjtherfurd have yet to read, the second, and The Forestdealing with the New Forest area, the third. I enjoyed the first chapter of this book so much fdward I was excited that there would be pages more of it.

Mass market paperback ISBN: But I was told afterwards that there had been general derision. She was totally right Set in the author’s hometown of Salisbury, England, this is a novel that tells the rich histor I took my dear sweet time reading this novel, and cherished every second. Stylistically, Edward Rutherfurd is a plain and unembellished writer and he often relies on cliches and tropes, particularly all the women with their “firm young bodies” from paleolithic times onward, and the aforementioned repetition of family traits, from the Wilsons’ “long-toed feet,” dating back to the Ice Age, to the precise fussiness of the Porters, dating back to their Roman ancestor.


Starting roughly around the time of the rising of Cromwell, pages-long dissertations on the rutehrfurd of the political and ruthedfurd landscape begin to take precedence over the story of the people experiencing same. The author continues to cover the construction of Stonehenge, the Claudian invasion of Britain, the twilight of the Roman era, the reign of Alfred the Great, several periods from Norman England, including the building of the cathedral, the great plague and the blossoming of the cloth and wool trade, the war of the Roses, the reformation, the civil war and glorious revolution, the expansion of the British empire, the Napoleonic wars, the height of British colonialism, the second world war and a brief episode in right before the book was published.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It has snapshots of how historical events affected certain people in one locality.

Edward Rutherfurd || About the author – Sarum || Official Site

Discover the story of England from prehistoric times rutherfjrd the present as centered on the area where Salisbury Cathedral now stands. It is a magnificent story, chronicling the rise and fall of noble families, the enterprise and acumen of certain individuals, both fictional and historical, and the social and political affairs of the days in which they lived. One of the things that really satum in this one was his use of strong women and how they dealt with the suffocating patriarchy throughout English history.

After the reformation the importance of Salisbury as a centre of the wool trade declines and so does the attention of the author for these periods. Rutherfurd chooses a very dark story to explain the construction of Stonehenge.

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