Download Citation on ResearchGate | Easy-to-Swallow Wireless Telemetry | Many countries will experience the effects of an aging population, resulting in a. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Wireless Telemetry for Electronic Pill Antenna Design for Impulse Radio Based Wireless Capsule Endoscope Communication Systems. Article .. Easy-to-Swallow Wireless Telemetry. An important feature of the electronic pill technology is the wireless system utilized. This article reviews recent attempts in the design of the wireless telemetry.

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Simple modulation schemes like OOK and amplitude shift keying ASK with a low data rate are desired for low power consumption and miniaturization. For commercial pills, small batteries are used or are being considered to supply the energy to the electronics of the device, taking a considerable amount of space. Eeasy-to-swallow low frequency link, however, requires large electronic components such as capacitors and inductors, telemetrry makes it difficult to realize a fully integrated system.

The communication protocols mentioned above will require a receiver and a microcontroller in the electronic pill to provide bidirectional communication to accommodate control signals, increasing the electronic pill complexity and potentially increasing the size of the pills.

The pill in [13] uses a simple on-off keying OOK wireless system. The wake-up system recovers wreless from a MHz RF modulated signal with some sort of identification code.

Easy-To-Swallow Wireless Telemetry | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for ECE Students

Hardware Designs for Electronic Pills The earliest electronic pills [5], [2] and even more recent ones [29], [16] use a transmitter circuit similar to those shown in Figure 2 [Figure 2 a is schematic of a low-power transmitter that can be used for electronic pills]. The electronic pill system presented in [29] uses this technique for the transmitter. A more recent development, electronic pill technology, requires the integration of more complex systems on the same platform when compared to conventional implantable systems.

When a number of similar types of electronic pill systems are used in the same environment, these simple transmitters face the problem of interference and packet collisions and, therefore, lack the multiuser i. This is a very large bandwidth for a low-frequency transmission. The device operates at MHz, lower than most of the systems that are operating at UHF, but requiring a larger antenna that, in turn, will increase the physical size.


Electronics pills with wireless power sources are generally smaller in size than a battery-powered capsule, with the further advantage of the virtually unlimited device life they provide. The system consists of two external Helmholtz coils transmitting energy to a 9-mm three-dimensional 3-D -coil power receiver.

Currently, the battery, one of the essential components in electronic pills, provides the power source to the active electronic components in the device. The wireless power link also provided downlink command functions to the pill. The design of wireless capsules began in the s. Another type of capsule is the robotic endoscope, which has features such as locomotion and the energy transmission using electromagnetic EM coupling.

Instead of using RF signals to transmit images, MiroCam uses natural electrical impulses in the human body as the transport medium] [32]. Using an inductive link is also a possible wireless link for electronic pills. The microcontroller will then pack and code the data before the data teleketry sent to the wireless transceiver. Alternatively, a completely wireless power system could also be used.

Easy to Swallow Wireless Telemetry

Thus it is difficult to use it for high definition video data transmission. A wireless endoscope monitoring system. Wireless Sensor Networks are becoming a relevant tool for the Another wireles, EndoCapsule, developed by Olympus, was mainly used in Europe but, inreceived marketing clearance from the U. A wideband, high-frequency technology would be useful for high-definition images exceeding 2 Megapixels i.

Easy-to-swallow wireless telemetry

As a result, a high-frequency telemetry link is required for better resolution and a miniaturized system. Unlike conventional implant systems [33], longer-range wireless power transfer is required for electronic pills, which needs to transfer energy efficiently through the 15—20 cm thick skin in order to reach the device inside the body [34].


The power management circuit is usually a voltage regulator chip used to distribute the power source to the individual blocks.

Unless these chips are miniaturized to levels that can be inserted into a capsule size of 11 mm 30 mm, the telemetry link will still be based on simple communication modulations such as ASK, OOK, frequency shift keying FSKFM, and AM as seen in Eazy-to-swallow 1.

In batteryless systems, it is necessary to bring the charging transmitter very close to b Figure 4.

Easy-to-swallow wireless telemetry

This capsule operates in a similar fashion as curr Electronics pills with wireless power sources are generally smaller in size than a battery powered capsule, with the further advantage of the virtually unlimited device life provide. Thus, for electronic applications, a more advanced wireless technology will be required to accommodate better radio links for enabling safe and reliable data communications.

The pill in uses a simple on-off keying OOK wireless system. In addition to these data blocks, there is also battery and its power management circuitry.

Among sensor network applications, short-range WPAN systems, such as Bluetooth or Zigbee, are the most suitable ones for use in electronic pills as they are designed to be low power and small in size. The receiver circuits for the transmitters given in Figure 2 are easily constructed from the radios available in commercial domain.

A wireles 10KHz power to reduce human technique for inductive powering two external Helmholtz coils transmitting energy to power receiver. Moreover, a wearable receiver operating at high frequency could be easily incorporated in a hospital environment without causing any interference to other existing medical devices since higher-frequency links are in less crowded and rarely used frequency bands.