Dr. SUSAN ELIAS. CS. CS OPERATING SYSTEMS LAB. Mr. R. RAMAKRISHNAN. CS. CS WEB TECHNOLOGY LAB. Ms. V. RAJALAKSHMI. Download file Free Book PDF Lab Manual For Web Technology at. Complete PDF Cs Web Technology Lab Manual WordPress com. online Anna University Lab Manual For Web Technology file PDF Book LAB MANUAL REGULATION Cs Web Technology Lab.

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An exclusive instance appears as a set of radio buttons and a multiple instance contains set of check boxes.

Cs9228 Web Technology Lab Manual

With many first in its credit, Indian Airlines has been feeding both the lavish and economical requirements of passengers across the globe. This is the name of a MIDlet that is to be created. Two types of wdb haves been defined.

Any derived class instance of the Item class can be placed on the instance of Form class. The ChoiceGroup class is used to create check boxes or radio buttons on a form.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, con- sectetuer adipiscing elit. A mutable image is drawn on the Canvas using methods available in Graphics class. In the snooze function set the technollogy field and commands are assigned for snooze, reset and exit 4.

All you need to do is make a small site even one page which tells people a bit about your website. Item class is a base class for a number of derived classes that can be contained within a form class. Form validation including textfield, radio buttons, checkboxes, listbox and other controls 4.

While this is still possible with HDML code, it is certainly not as obvious and workarounds must be introduced Why Should we use WML Although you might not have any plans c9s228 for creating a WAP version of your site, it is always a good idea to get involved in new technology.


To create Sample web application development in the open source environment. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

Cs Web Technology Lab Manual – Free Download PDF

Thus the website has been developed sucessfully. A MIDlet is classwhich is controlled by the application manager. With a staff of over thousand, Indian Airlines offers services which are simply exemplary and quite unmatched. The start application is called to append the data and display the form. Execute the program in Internet Explorer.

The WML coder technoloby within the code what parts of the web page are viewable to the device, and what is not. Start the program Create main HTML page for student database maintenance Select option to do the following operation Insertion, search ,delete and modify or update the student recode Main. However new breed of computing devices lacs hardware configuration. Check that the password field contains only the 8 characters.

For example, it would not cs99228 too advantageous for a x60 pixel banner to be loaded into the small screen of a WAP device, due to size, color and bandwidth restraints.

Employee Details – Name: Nunc feugiat cursus lorem.

Mobile Computing Lab Manual for Final Information Technology – VII Semester – [DOC Document]

Add the database name in ODBC data source administrator. Add the table name to connection. Html registration Enter Id: User actions, such as pressing a key, can be tied to scripts that cause changes in content. Calculator All field are required, however, if you forget any, we will put a random number in for you. However, certain parts of the text may be made available to the device.


Thus the web page for student eeb has been developed and validated successfully. Initialize and design data to the field we need to display 6. To connect the database using jdbc connectivity in java. If the username and password are correct, then the user is authenticated and can enter into web page. Icon s associated with MIDlets7 are immutable. For each row of the table, enter the data using such that create student name,fathers name,address and e-mail,etc.

Size px x x x x Using javascript, we validate whether the text and other text fields are empty or to be filled. Browsing the Internet using Mobile phone simulator Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script.

Using we have to enter the qualification of the students.

Mobile Computing Lab Manual for Final Information Technology – VII Semester

Allows you to add existing MIDlet: Phasellus congue justo quis leo. Since WML is an XML application, all tags are case sensitive is not the same asand all tags must be properly closed.

Start the program Step 2: This provide great flexibility than the static content that HTML can manuak. Thus the program for implementing the calculator in mobile was successfully executed and verified.