Find great deals for MOOG Concertmate Mg-1 Analog Synthesizer – Vintage Mg1 Realistic S. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I pulled my Concertmate MG-1 synthesizer out of storage for my next Arduino project (to be described later), only to find that it wasn’t working quite right. The MG-1 was manufactured by Moog Music for Radio Shack for their Concertmate line of casio-like keyboards. However, the MG-1 is a true Moog, somewhere.

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The synthesizer’s features aren’t labelled using the usual synthesizer nomenclature, instead using more “laymen friendly” terms such as “Tone Source” for the oscillators, mgg-1 for the envelope with “Rise Time” for Attack Time and “Fall Time” instead of Decay or Release Time. Views Read Edit View history. Therefore, it is true that the Poly tones are not “faded out” by the Fall time release contour setting when a key is released.

Sign in Already have an account? It can produce sawtooth, square and pulse waveforms, and the oscillators are detunable and syncable. The MG-1 was produced in great quantities for distribution in the consumer market.

MOOG Concertmate Mg-1 Analog Synthesizer – Vintage Mg1 Realistic S

Against these limitations, the Polyphony is total, meaning all 32 keys can sound all at once. Also, like the Liberation, it had a simple polyphonic section much like a simple organ. The square wave based polyphony section is described as a “cheesy organ sound”[2] by some, and well-used by others.


AstromanDELFHigh LlamasElton John As far as we know, he never actually used the unit, but through some concertmaye contractual issue was obligated to have his picture taken with it.

The Contour settings can only affect Polyphony while a key is pressed due to the Polyphonic gate design. Conveniently, the Service Manual is available online. Go to synthesizers MOOG. In the schematic below, op-amps U10A and U10B feed the differential output signal into the amplifier.

This is the very source of cheap Moog bass! Radio Shack were marketing this synth to the home-keyboard crowd. Retrieved from ” https: The MG-1 did not have an external speaker.

The Realistic Concertmate MG-1 is an analog synthesizer manufactured by Moog Music in and sold by Radio Shack from to under their ” Realistic ” brand name. Keyboard – 32 keys.

What a cool synth. Newer Post Older Post Home. Date Produced – TG1 Tone Generator 1 has available sawtooth and concertmatr waveforms, and TG2 has sawtooth and pulse waveforms. Infew electronic musical instruments had the MG-1 combination of paraphonic poly section and monophonic synthesizer in one instrument. Audio Clip 2 A few more warbly analog sounds from the MG Audio Clip 1 Hear it for yourself!

The multiple notes of polyphony feed into the single filter, giving a paraphonic result. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unique to the MG-1 is a slider on the far right side of the keyboard which controls the volume of a simple divide-down polyphonic organ sound.

MOOG Concertmate Mg-1 Analog Synthesizer – Vintage Mg1 Realistic S | eBay

Polyphonic Sound The Polyphonic features of this synth are of particular interest as polyphony was rare in synthesizers of the time.


This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat It was produced without some standard Moog features, such as pitch and modulation wheels, as a cost-cutting measure aimed at achieving a lower price for the consumer market. There are RCA inputs and outputs the input is routed straight to the output for playing along with music from your stereo system but no external speakers as in most other home marketed synthesizers.

The Liberation and Rogue have to route both through the Mod Wheel with the same amount level. The CA is not a normal amplifier but an operational transconductance amplifier, an unusual amplifier where the current on a control input controls the amplification of the input signal more info. This allows the creation of Saw- and Ramp- waves, as well as asymmetrical Triangle waves and unusual trapezoids, not otherwise found through modulating with the LFO alone.

The synthesizer also featured a pair of pass-through RCA jacks, which allowed users to mix radio or records into the final live synthesized sound output. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Articles with unsourced statements from July All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from September I opened concertmaate the MG-1 and adjusted this, but unfortunately it made no difference at all.