5 jul. 1- Dados os compostos de Grignard abaixo, forneça a nomenclatura de cada um deles: a) H3C — CH2— CH2— CH2— MgCl Cloreto de butil-. Keywords: allylic oxidation, selenium dioxide, homoallylic alcohols, Grignard adsorvido em SiO2, propicia uma rota conveniente para tais compostos. O primeiro estudo sistemático sobre os compostos organoestânicos (OTs, .. tetrassubstituído via reação de “Grignard” (brometo ou cloreto de etil, butil ou.

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Preparative column chromatography was carried using silica gel 60 Merckmesh.

The occurrence and the effects of organotin compounds OTs have been studied since a long time, due to their widespread use and deleterious effects. Our target was to obtain 2-[ 2 E ,6 E -3,7-dimethylhydroxy-2,6-octadienyl]phenol 9 by optimizing the coupling of geranyl acetate derivatives with more appropriate reagent O -protected 2-iodophenol. C -geranyl and C -farnesyl phenols have been prepared by reaction of geranyl or farnesyl bromide with the sodium salt of the phenol.

The extracts were dried over MgSO 4filtered and the solvent was removed under reduced pressure by rotatory evaporation.

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Fall30 A new sequence was brignard with another substrate in an attempt to improve the yield of the desired phenol-alcohol 9 Scheme 4. Alkylation of sodium salts, however, invariably leads to complex mixtures containing both ring and oxygen substituted products. After allowing the reaction mixture to reach ambient temperature, CuI was added followed by the addition of allylic alcohol 2.


Scheme 2 shows the first attempt.


To a solution of 2-iodophenol 2. The same procedure as employed for the coupling of 11 and 12 was usedstarting with tert -butyldimethylsilyl 2-iodophenol ether 11 3.

How to cite this article. Tetrahydro-2 H pyranyl ether 7 3. Economic Entomology81 Bromination of geraniol 15 with phosphorus tribromide 0.

Nova22 Kascheres on occasion of his 60 th birthday. The mixture was treated drop wise with cold metanol 1 mL and extracted with hexane. Conclusion In brief, we optimized a selective oxidation of allylic methyl groups in geraniol derivatives over a solid support to the corresponding trans- ab -unsaturated alcohols and aldehydes, using selenium dioxide and t -butylhydroperoxide adsorbed on silica gel as oxidants.

Completion of the reactions was established by TLC analysis. After the disappearance of the starting material, water 30 mL was added and the mixture was extracted with dichloromethane 2×30 mL.

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After 30 min, geranyl bromide 2. Results and Discussion The Sharpless conditions for oxidation of geranyl acetate employs 0. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. S The extracts were washed with a saturated aqueous solution of FeSO 4.

Services on Demand Journal. After stirring for 15 min at room temperature, cold pentane 25 mL was added, and the organic layer was washed with cold water, comppsto with pentane 2×25 mL and then washed with brine. However, “nontarget” organisms may be exposed, resulting in composro poisoning of biological system, originating mutations and sentencing species to extinction. In this work we reported a revision study on the history of OTs and the techniques developed for its assessment and control.


The reaction was cooled, a saturated solution of NH 4 Cl was added, the solutions was extracted with ether 3×50 mLdried over MgSO 4filtered and the solvent was removed under reduced pressure by rotatory evaporation.

The mixture was stirred for 48 compoeto. The solvent was removed griganrd vacuum and the residue was diluted in ether 50 mL and water 30 mLthen extracted with ether 2×30 mLdried over MgSO 4 and filtered, and then the solvent was removed under reduced pressure.

After the temperature reached room temperature, CuI grigmard. The solvent was removed under reduced pressure and the residue was diluted with ether 50 mL and water 30 mL and extracted with ether 2×50 mL. Further studies on phenolic oxidation of these synthetic intermediates to achieve the synthesis of cyclic isoprenoids will be reported in due course. New York,p. Difunctional allylic terpenes are important synthetic building blocks. Acta, Environmental contamination for organotin compounds.