Dark Descent by Christine Feehan (11 in her Dark Series) an aggressive, multi- talented professional body guard/secret service agent who never lets danger or. For Each, There Could Be Only One: They came from the darkest places: secluded monasteries, the Carpathian mountains, galaxies under siege. They were. Dark Descent (Dark, book 11) by Christine Feehan – book cover, description, publication history.

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Blaze McGuire knows who killed her father and she has merciless plans for payback. Or it may be that I prefer science fiction to paranormal fiction. To decide whether she’s nuts or not, Joie and her siblings decide to go spelunking in the area Joie knows Traian is supposed to be. He also gave Joie a choice to become like him. He was close to home.

Traian was a vampire hunter, immortal, Carpathian. Joie is a bodyguard that has recently been wounded and starts to have visions of Traian. In the novels the thing that makes me want to walk away is the perpetual Scarlet O’Hara syndrome of “I can’t think about that today, I’ll just have to think about that tomorrow” walking victims.

It will be very interesting to see where and when these all surface again. I always wait a week before reviewing.

The Only One

The plot held my interest from page one, the pacing didn’t get bogged down because of excessive descriptive passages, and the humourous exchanges between the characters made me smile. I liked both Traian and Joie and thought christinw story was very interesting and packed descen punch for as short as it was. He can see better and run faster than the enemy, disappear when necessary and hunt along any terrain. He’s the kind of man she could settle down with – if she can keep him alive Read more Read less.


Dark Possession Carpathian Novel, A. I write for myself and always have. The group chrkstine the cave by the skin of their teeth. Either way I wonder if these characters come back again. Piatkus Shadow Reaper Christine Feehan. Desvent vampire conspiracy uncovered in Dark Carousel continues to bring chaos and destruction, as the Carpathians gather in America to fight the growing evil before it’s too late Other books in the series. Traian is an ancient Carpathian male; Carpathians are born vampires with abilities like shape shifting to any form, even mistmagic spells and psychic powers.

Traian simply evaporated, leaving the smear of blood on the shivering leaves and the scent of the ancient gift driving the vampires into a frenzy of rage and hunger.

The devil at her heels may have finally met its match. A telepathic hunter of serial killers, Raven Whitney helps catch some of the most depraved criminals. The mage aspect of the story is fun. Susan Squire and Susan Grant are two other great authors I follow. The other half of his soul.

It felt a bit abrupt and rushed. I think I’ll just let you and John handle things for a while. I am fascinated by the written dezcent and I love storytellers. It was nice to see Gary again – wonder if his attraction to Gabrielle will be continued in another book?


Dark Descent (Dark, #) by Christine Feehan

Few others had her skill with knives or guns and no one could disappear into a crowd the way she could. Sacrilege by Susan Squires – I did not care for this short story.

He floated down into the bed of rich soil and just lay there, feeling a sense of peace and solace in the wealth of welcoming minerals. It was a good addition to the series and I’d feehzn it.

It’s taken me a couple years reading a lot of paranormal books to fully appreciate the Chrisine series. This book introduced me to Christine Feehan it was the best book that I ever bought. Joie has parents, a brother and sister that she’s very close to and love dearly. Every night, he is with her: Piatkus Leopard’s Run Christine Feehan.

Christine has certainly left the readers with so many minute details that they would be craving to read those details becoming important in future plots. Jan 05, Graylark rated it really liked chriztine Shelves: This book is actually quite horrific.

Cook’s voice was animated and brilliant in her interpretation of the character voices.