Enterprise API Examples · Tutorials. See Also: Tutorial for Running Examples. CFEngine Manual. Table of Contents. Table of Contents. CFEngine CFEngine is a configuration management system that provides a framework for.

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Your path might vary depending on your platform and the packages your are using. For example, the getgid function does not return anything on Windows.

What is the advantage of autoapt. If the example contains a body common control section, delete it. I think that it will become much more popular when it cfrngine more mature – and then I can use cfengine to install it ; Steve. The result of this is that if the autoapt.

Eventually, when you are done testing and want to bootstrap a Windows host to a policy server, please run the following command against a Linux-based policy server, as advised crengine the CFE Enterprise getting started document.

On the down side it uses Ruby, isn’t as easy to install on Sarge and is less well known. Exit the “Insert” mode by pressing the “esc” button. I’ve only done so to avoid wrapping issues. You can install the license with the cf-key -l command — you will need to copy over the licensed public key as advised by cf-key -l.

Finally, one should note that Windows lacks support for certain features that are utilised in Unix versions of CFEngine. The output should cfenngine like the following. How do you remove packages with this script? A service can also be given a running state, in which case CFEngine Enterprise ensures that it is running, and starts it if it is not, with parameters if desired.


Cfengine is able to install software without any additional tools. Note that if DomainController is defined, then WinServer is also defined, for natural reasons.

Examples and Tutorials

Sorry for the lame formating no tabsbut Cfengone no clue about html formating and the help mentions just a few HTML tags, but not what the do. As you get familiar with CFEngine, you’ll probably start shortening this command to this equivalent:.

A potential problem source when writing policies for windows is that paths to executables often contain spaces. It is important that the installer is run with Administrative priviliges. In the vi editor, enter i for “Insert” and enter the following content ie.

File and folder permissionsUp: Testing policies locallyUp: I’m hoping to get people at my current workplace into using it, since it looks much more high-level and flexible than cfengine, and supports using apt-get to install packages automatically, etc. CFEngine Enterprise communicates bi-directionally on portso make sure that this port is open for outgoing and incoming TCP connections.

Windows Management with CFEngine Enterprise – CFEngine – Distributed Configuration Management

With CFEngine this is simple. I think that it will become much more popular when it becomes more mature – and then I can use cfengine to install it. To avoid this, use the background attribute in the action body-part. CFEngine Enterprise supports fine-grained management of the Windows registry.

cfengine Documentation- GNU Project

What we’re going to do to manage packages is to copy two files to each client:. Posted by Steve Examples of its use are also available in the CFEngine reference manual.

documeentation Go back into vi by typing “vi” at the prompt. Edit this to your domain, e. Debian is a registered trademark of Software in the Public Interest, Inc.


CFEngine 3.7 Manual

Thus, CFEngine can function even if everything else fails your other file systems, your network, and even system binaries and possibly repair problems. The example policy will now be executed every five minutes along with the rest of your main policy. To solve this, we place escaped quotes around the executable.

This means it runs docummentation the background and starts with Windows, before any user logs in.

The Windows msi -packages will cfejgine silently installed no prompts to Cfengine under your program files directory e. The CFEngine reference manual documents exactly which promises are ignored and not.

Windows hard classesUp: CFE Enterprise supports all of this, but we will just cover the basics in this document. I’ve not seen that error before, but I think I can see where it comes from. On the plus side it is cleaner and has more flexability. Note that these variables are not statically coded, but retrieved from the current system.

Windows special variablesUp: Windows registry managementUp: Windows ACLs are a complex topic by itself, with support for more than ten different permission bits and documemtation. At cfeengine time when I tried it setting the package format to “dpkg” meant using Sun packages, rather than Debian ones.

Now, we again cffngine cf-promises. The body common control refers to those promises that are hard-coded into all CFEngine components and therefore affect the behavior of all components.