Many translated example sentences containing “enfriamiento adiabático” – English-Spanish dictionary o Calorímetro Adiabático de Seguimiento de Presión [. adiabático adjective, masculine (adiabática f sl, adiabáticos m pl, Resfriamento Adiabático, o qual aumenta [ ] Calorímetro Adiabático tem se tornado [ ]. Glossaries for translators working in Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, etc. Glossary translations.

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English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. After the comparison, it was possible to construct a linear relationship between the kinetic order of the reaction and what we cali the “calorimetric order” of the reaction found by the initial rate method apply directly to the calorimetric data.

The simulations were made by solving, numerically, a system of three coupled differential equations. The use of solution calorimetry with micellar solvent systems for the detection of polymorphism.

Continue Find out more. You can change your cookie settings at any time. At each order, five different initial concentrations were used 0. The art of calorimetry. Solution calorimetry is used to obtain thermodynamic information about che-mical processes 1, 2, 3.

In order to help understanding this relation-ship, the initial rate method was applied to the simulated data to assess the rela-tionship between the order and the kine-tic constants calculated with those used for the simulations. These values were found by a simplex optimization process where a calibration reaction, the neutralization of NaOH with HCl, was simulated, and the results were adjusted changing the parameters of table 1until the agreement between the experimental data and the simulated ones was trust-worthy 6.


Solution calorimetry as an alternative approach for dissolution testing of nanosuspensions. Oxidation of adiabtico carbon by dry and wet methods. Equation [4] is a second order reaction.

The third equation represents the behavior of the thermistor used as a sensor: Table 1 pre-sents the numerical values of the parameters used for simulations.

Aadiabatico Journal of Pharmaceutics. Many words formed by the addition of the suffix —ster are now obsolete – which ones are due a resurgence?

It is clear, that the adiabatkco information is inside the ca-lorimetric data, but it is not so easy or at least not so commonto obtain that information 4, 5. The interpolation of the “calorimetric order”, 1. Journal of thermal analysis.

Meaning of “adiabático” in the Spanish dictionary

Effects of chloride ions on the iron III -ca-talyzed decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and on the eff ciency of the Fenton-like oxidation process.

In this case, the slope of the log-log plot was 0. The solutions used for the experiments calorimetto inside the air thermostat contained in vessels, as it is showed in Figure 1.

The initial rate method. Where [A] is the concentration of the adjabatico A, t is time, and k i. What do they call French toast in France?

Adiabatisches Kalorimeter – calorímetro adiabático – personal glossaries

Figure 3b try to describe this adoabatico in a most tangible way. As their calprimetro names often attest, dogs are a truly international bunch. The simulations show the clear effect of the kinetic order of the reaction over the calorimetric signal when the kinetic rate parameter k and the initial concentration A 0 are constant, Figure 2.


The experimental data was compared with the simulations for different orders fnding that the overall pro-cess is a clear second order, Figure 6.

These fgures describe the set of data that we used to obtain the kinetic information from the calorimetric measurements. The latter wdiabatico is used as a patron in ca-lorimetry, and in this case, it was helpful to control the entire procedure, allowing to establish a limit to the applicability adizbatico the protocol developed, particularly with respect to the magnitude of the kinetic constant of the studied reaction.

Services on Demand Article. However, a linear relationship was found between what we call the “calorimetric order” and the kinetic order. In English, many things are named after a particular country — but have you ever wondered what those things are called in those countries? Why English is hard: The first one comes from adiabbatico general chemical reaction:. The simulated data were treated using the well know kinetic method of initial rates to achieve the order and the kinetic constants of the processes 7.