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Indra also says that he will rule on this throne for years. The fire spread to the adjacent sets too and caused a huge damage of a lakh and half rupees. Retrieved from ” https: Finally, the movie ends on a happy note with the reunion of Vikramarka and Prabhavathi.

Bhatti Vikramarka Bhethala Kathalu – online Telugu Books

After some time, Tirakaasu reaches the cave. Vikramarka gives two garlands to them gikramarka wear and dance. Productions banner and directed by Jampana. This was the worst fire disaster in the history of Telugu cinema. It is a commercial hit film that ran for days. But Mantra Siddha makes her dumb and old. Madhavapeddi SatyamJikki.

Music released on Audio Company. Hence he orders his disciple Prachanda Nagabhushanam to attack Vikramarka and prevent him from attending Prabavati’s Swayamvaram. The war interfaces between Vikramarka and Iathalu Siddha.


At the time Prabhavathi is garlanding Mantra Siddha, Vikramarka enters into the court and defeats him. The story is based on the historical characters of Bhatti and Vikramarka. He prays to Goddess Kali Kanchana and gets her appreciation. Immediately he reaches the cave along with Bhatti and Tirakaasu when Mantra Vikrqmarka is trying to molest Prabhavathi. Tiraakasu reaches Vikramarka and reveals that the old woman is Prabhavathi then Vikramarka feels sorry for his behavior.

Batti Vikramarka Kathalu ( భట్టి విక్రమార్క కథలు )

Indra Mikkilineni invites him to heaven and asks him a vikrxmarka who is a better dancer, between Rambha and Urvashi. The Goddess blesses him that nobody can defeat him and gives him a diamond-studded sword. Views Read Edit View history. Once Vikramarka is touring the state with friend Tirakaasu Relangi when he gets the acquaintance with Prabavathi Anjali Devi the daughter of King Chandrasena.

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Bhatti Vikramarka Bhethala Kathalu

The garland worn by Urvasi stays fresh, whereas that one worn by Rambha withers. The Bhatti Vikramarka shooting required a fire, and a fire was made by using petrol and straw.

From Wikipedia, the free kathaku. The bamboo setting was ablaze and the flames rose high fast. Bhatti also prays to Mahakali and to satisfy her wish beheads Vikramarka.


It took them for more than 90 minutes for the fire brigades to bring the fire under control. Prabhavathi escapes and wants to reveal the secret to Vikramarka.

Bhatti Vikramarka – Wikipedia

Prabavathi in sorrow tries to commit suicide. Satyanarayana Murthy under the P. Vikramarka with Bhatti starts searching for Prabhavathi, who kathalj struggling to protect her chastity from Mantra Siddha. At that time, Mantra Vikramaria arrives in a sage form and takes her to his cave. The rest of tribes want to offer her to the goddess. He judges Urvasi as the best dancer, as she is fearless about her performance. Vikramarka does not recognize her and throws her out.

Mukkamala and Anjali Devi were on the sets. The film was dubbed into Tamil as Patti Vikramathithan. Vikramarka stamps out Mantra Siddha.

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