Related: dance hand mudra, bharat natyam mudra, bharatnatyam mudra, indian dance mudra, bharatnatyam hand, bharatanatyam mudras, kathakali hand. The Natya Shastra lists the following mudras, along with their most prominent meanings. Many others have been developed in the time since, whose histories. Classified as one of the oldest among all the contemporary classical dance forms , Bharatanatyam holds a prominent place in our culture today. Over the.

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Woman hand showing Kapittha hasta hand gesture, also called mudra meaning “Godess Lakshmi” of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. It was only in this century that Bharatanatyam gained attention and regard in the society as a classical art form.

So vast are the subtleties expressed in the hand gestures of hasta that the vastness of what being human entails, and perhaps even what the entire universe contains, might be expressed by the dancer. Back to search Esc. bharatanxtyam

List of mudras (dance)

Utpalapadma Alapallava, Alapadma, Alapadya Al-ah-pud-ma. Infants Children Teenagers 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s Older. It is the earliest known dance text, and generally has formed a basis for bharatnatyam subsequent treastises. Woman hand showing Musti hasta meaning fist of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam.

Dance and bharatanatywm are inseparable forms: Woman hand showing Bana hasta of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. Free space for your midras. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


As students, teachers, and patrons of dance, we must realize the significance of this sacred art and use this medium to unify and reassert the harmony of man with man and of man with God.

Woman bharatanatyamm showing Hamsapaksha hasta hand gesture, also called mudra meaning “number 6” or “Bridge” of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. Share Collections to anyone by email or to other Shutterstock users. Asamyuta Hastas Samyuta Hastas.

With thumbs over hands hamsapaksahands are rotated. Swinging outward hand from side to side, like the trunk of an elephant.

It may also be. Woman hand showing Ardhapataka hasta meaning half flag of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. Used to get further information on the third section, primarily.

Infolinks In Text Ads. This is a list of only a few hastamudras.

Dance Mudra Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Bharatanatyam has three distinct elements to it: Woman hand showing Trilinga hasta of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. The Nrtyavinoda of Manasollasa is particularly interesting to me, as it is was composed in my region of interest – Karnataka.

Pathaka Mudra in Dance. Indian female performing Bharathanatyam doing the action of showing water falls in violet color costumes. Bharatnatyam hands showing Shivalinga hasta of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. Views Read Edit View history. One of the most striking features of Indian classical dance is the use of hand gestures. Saved one filter Removed from saved filters. Create a Free Account.

Dance mudra stock photos

Mudras Dance in India India dance-related lists. For example, “who came to my house” or “he who is Vishnu”. In short, move hands between side, head, waist, head Some have very limited meanings, and some are used as catch-alls for miming a variety of ideas. Woman hand showing Samdamsha hasta hand gesture, also called mudra meaning “generosity” of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam.


Hand in Figa mudra by Indian man isolated at white background.

Bharatanatyam – The Mudra Foundation

One has to follow the parampara, shastras, sampradaya and certain technical rules to keep its originality and purpose alive. Woman hand showing Avahittha hasta meaning “dissimulation” of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. Woman hand showing Varaha hasta of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam. It’s a comparative study between the Nrtyavindoa, the dance component of an encyclopedic text from A.

It’s particularly interesting in the fact that the movements noted here are significantly different from the Natya Shastra, although the abhinaya information shows a great similarity.

He had his training in kathakali un Dance mudra stock photos 1, Dance mudra stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. Published by Munshiram Manoharlal, Pvt. As the bharatanatysm known text on dance, it has strongly influenced all the subsequent literature through history, as well as the modern classical dance forms currently active in India.

Probably translating the Natya Shastra.