ISKCON Desire Tree – Devotee Network is a social network. This manual is meant to provide the essential information to start the Bhakti- vriksha Program. This material is the result of over 2 years of practical experience . This Book is a comprehensive guide to help the Bhakti Vriksha Servant Covered all the parts of Bhakti Vriksha Week: Spiritual Edification, Nectar of Holy .

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Associate with Vaishnavas who do not waste their time in useless talk or Prajalpa. Keeping this in mind the program components can be interchanged. Even if two out of the 10 or 15 people you approach actually make it to the Bhakti Vriksha meeting, you can consider your effort successful.

There is also train the trainer program conducted in selected centers so that the leaders are aware of the methodology to facilitate the bhakti vriksha. A long, strong rope is the serpent Vasuki. However if this is not possible, another devotees home may be selected provided he is willing.

List 10 qualities of the soul: This tool is called a Bhakti Vriksa Module. For non-Indians, you can have varied Outreach Programmes with vegetarian cookery classes, Bhakti yoga classes, etc. Similarly, the upacakrapatis, cakrapatis, mahacakrapatis, etc. Arjuna did not want to attack the Kauravas even though they were aggressors because: So this will encourage them to read as well as promote understanding them personally. The expense is only on prasadam, which again can be adjusted according to ones means.

Once they will be a little familiar with the mission and its purpose, there are instructions to start getting everyone involved in preaching through small steps, and in this way training them to be effective preachers and leaders themselves.


By keeping the Arathi items ready on the previous night one can perform the Mangala Arathi very quickly. It is advisable to distribute them according to geographical considerations, so that it becomes easier for them to attend the programmes and the leaders to care of them well.

Is the realation is same as krishna as said by adi shankara? The questions ansd answers could be as follows: Sometimes two different vrinda leaders may approach the same prospective member and they may have friction about whose vrinda they should attend.

If you find them receptive, you can conduct a discussion among them by asking the questions at the end of the passage in the modules.

Bhakti-vriksha Program Versus Counselor System–Which is Best? | IskconKL – News

The service opportunity for women devotees is unlimited in the Bhakti Vriksha program. By chanting one Hare Krsna mantra the players choose which team vfiksha start the game. This can be done very politely and gently, but firmly. Introduce yourself first and request them to introduce themselves.

Bhakti Vriksha Manual

To chant at least one round of Hare Krishna maha-mantra every day. Whenever it is genuinely not possible vrisha you to conduct the program, you can consult your sector leader well in advance so that he can suggest the necessary steps to fill in the gap.

For example, they may be working late hours at work, or they may have programs in the late evenings, which may make early retiring to bed impossible. Tick the reasons Arjuna gave for not wanting to fight: If we analyze them more deeply we discover manaul they have fundamentally different goals, and that there is plenty of room for both programs to run side by side in a yatra. You are commenting using your WordPress.


The emphasis is thus on the practical application of Krishna Consciousness and the development of bhakti or devotion. By distributing certificates as and when somebody is ready to commit, one can give and have constant news of congregational preaching achievement during the Sunday programs.

Give their names for taking shelter. I pray that our father in heaven agrees with my choice.

Bhakti Vriksha

To strictly avoid intoxication including coffee and tea, meat eating including onion and garlic, gambling, mundane cinema, sports and illicit sex. By being complacent one 1 Falls into illusion2 One imagines injustices vrikshs difficulties in spiritual life.

But what about my vow? This will also enable us to improve the modules. A mother responds immediately to a certain intensity when she rushes to the scene, so take complete shelter of Krishna while chanting and Krishna will reveal Himself to you.

It is not difficult to find people to attend our meetings, if we know how to approach them. Why did Arjuna call Krishna Madhava? For giving close association to the husbands, either her husband or some other devotee could help out.

If there are a few members who have joined late in the group, say after 6 months, then it will be difficult for them to integrate in the Discussion session with the others.