Terrier is book one in the Rebekah Cooper trilogy by Tamora Pierce. It centers around The book is about Beka’s first weeks as a puppy, or trainee, in. Satisfying fantasy crime drama for tweens. Read Common Sense Media’s Terrier: Beka Cooper, Book 1 review, age rating, and parents guide. Pierce returns to the Tortall Realms for a new series, a kind of prequel to those of her popular “sheroes” Alanna, Kel and Aly. Her latest heroine.

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Noll sends a curse flying at Beka, but Pounce gets in the way and eats the curse, giving Beka time to arrest Mistress Noll, who is later brought to justice for her crimes. So what are my final thoughts?

I mean really who remembers word for word conversations they have had? After having grown up in the Lower City, and watching a cove man, common-born leave her Ma with her 5 children and all she owned, due to her Ma contracting Lung Rot. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

Cracking open one of her marvelous novels always feels like coming home. That would have been fine except that Terrier’s heroine, Beka Cooper, has zero humor, sass or sarcasm, and her narration is dry as a bone. From these sources she learns of two grave threats to the Lower City. In fact, one of the many fascinating characters known to Beka is a Lady Knight named Sabine.

Maybe I should upgrade to 5 stars after re-reading? Informizely customer feedback surveys. Tammy creates, in Beka, a character who is different from those leads that have come before, yet one who is still tied to the Tortall universe. I suppose I’m willing to accept that Beka is coming back after a night of grueling exercise and writing thousands of words about her day, but I’m less willing to accept the grating writing style.


I started writing stories in 6th grade. The writing was good, the characters were lovely, but the story, tone, themes, and method of storytelling really got in the way of my enjoyment.

Terrier: Legend of Beka Cooper v. 1

Beka Cooper is such a flawed and wonderful character that is strong in some areas and weak in others. She has a small magic, and a huge determination to help people who grew up in the same life she led. The latter was particularly egregious – who sits and writes their own hair color, beak color and breast size in their diary??

Now she’s 16 and training to be one of the police guards called Dogs of the city. Clary Goodwin and Mattes Tunstall. To ask other readers questions about Terrierplease sign up.

Beka Cooper: Terrier

Her main characters always have some kind of fatal flaw – in Beka’s case it’s fear of public speaking and chronic shyness, for Alana it was cold and spiders, for Kel it was heights, and so forth.

Beka Cooper the “Terrier” has promise. She’s young, and the premise is that police are officially called Dogs, and trainees are coooer called Puppies. The Lower City is a tough beat. Terrier in particular gives both the fantasy and crime novel a chance to play together. Protector of the Small. I also really enjoyed Alanna: Through her training as a Dog, her time spent with pigeons and Dust Spinners, and with the help of her friends Koramin Ingensra, Rosto the Piper, and Aniki Forfrysning a mage, rusher, and a sword cloper who work for the Rogue, the king of crime in the city Beka gains information about the opals and the Shadow Snake.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. A Hero’s Compulsion” co-written with Tim, and a short story anthology co-editing credit. I return to my regularly scheduled profile: Book ratings by Goodreads. When Beka trains to be a Puppy in the Guard, she knows someday she’ll be a Dog, and she wants to be a good one.


I know it’s a fantasy novel so it’s not real history. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Dooper plot was fine if you’ve ever read an Agatha Christie novel, you know the murderer is view spoiler [the otherwise demure old lady who’s taken a turn to evil hide spoiler ]the characters were fine I liked the inclusion of a lady knightand the relationships, such as they were, were fine never very deep. After one installment, Beka is well on her way to being one of my favorites of Tammy’s characters although I highly doubt I could pick a favorite of her leading Just when I thought there wasn’t much more to be done in Tortall, I heard about this book’s release.

Unlike the previous books, there were no surprise moments or twists that made your jaw drop.

Terrier: Beka Cooper, Book 1 Book Review

Nov 11, musa b-n rated it really liked it. Characters have a complex social system in which police “Dogs” and criminals “Rats” co-exist — and can even be friends So she is busy all day before going and training and then walking her rounds then somehow she has enough time to write out a billion pages in her diary and sleep? Pierce is the real lioness, and we’re all just running to keep pace. The plot moves along at a steady pace, giving us clues here and there as Beka slowly pieces the case together through her work with her partners, her friends and her unusual informants.

There’s hints at adult content, drug use, domestic violence, and rape threats, as well as institutional graft and police on the take through the use of ccooper Happy Bag!

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