Ashtakavarga chart tobe verified and find out the strenth of each houses. The important houses are 1st the Lagna, 2nd dhana sthana, 4th sukha. Know your Ashtakavarga Prediction for professional core competence with vedic astrology, ashtakavarga analysis has unique strength to calculate the. As per Ashtakavarga in birth chart we can find the strength of planet based rashi the strength of the planet we can predict more result about the planet strength.

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Information regarding Zodiacal Signs All the 12 zodiacal signs are divided into 3 parts. Difficulty due to Evil Spirits If the Moon is weak and if the Moon sign lord is having less than 25 benefic points and if Moon is fully aspected by Saturn birth is on New Moon day and if Moon is aspected by Saturn then that native is harassed by evil predictios.

In this we have considered Samudaya Ashtakvarga and the easy way of giving predictions without much difficulty. The direction indicated by the group which has 2 nd house is favourable for making money.

In the same way where Saturn is placed then at the predictiobs indicated by the number of benefic dots in that house the native is likely to get ill or there are sad occasions at that age.

Free Vedic Horoscopes | Ashtakavarga Predictions

Size px x x x x This elaborate report will help you unleash your professional core competence and progress faster and achieve more in your career. However, understanding the same is not easy for every individual. Some computer printouts have the houses numbered already. In case they have 25 or less then 25 in their rashi or Moon sign then their marriage would be unhappy and a failure.


Ashtakavarga Calculation

Once we get a horoscope for analysis, we need to exert an Ashtakavarga chart before beginning our application of rules and our analysis of its impact. Every human being has a peculiar professional core competence. Consider ascendant as the 1 st year, 2 nd house as the 2 nd year in the same way the 12 th house is the 12 th year. If the 2 nd division is smaller then the 1 st and the 3 rd division then Damar yoga is generated. If Mars is ashtakvaarga in any house then at the age indicated by the benefic dots in that house the native is likely to get injured by weapons.

Houses which contain 30 or more benefic dots give benefic results, houses with 25 to 30 benefic dots give average results and houses with less than 25 benefic dots shall give adverse results.

Ashtakavarga Prediction

If the native is born in Sampat Suchak yoga indicating richness then the native will after the ashtakwvarga indicated by the benefic dots will get honour from government, money, son and higher education etc. Most of these people are successful provided other planetary positions are promising.

Some of them are given below: Disease-unhappy Starting from the ascendant till the house which has Saturn both inclusive add up the total number of benefic dots. You are commenting using your WordPress. So if you wish to achieve your Career Goals with precision, it makes sense to understand your professional core competence as per your birth chart. Perhaps there is something wrong with regard to children. Does this mean that we have found a simple way of understanding Astrology?


Ashtakavarga Prediction| Ashtakavarga Analysis -Future Career Prediction

For example, ashtak varga one of the most powerful branch of Vedic astrology has unique strength to calculate the professional core competence of any individual. Your personal profile or information will not be sold or shared with any third party. If in any division the benefic as well as malefic planets are placed then that part of life gives mixed results. Whether lagna should be used for computing Sarvashtakavarga Sarvashtakavar ga has been debatable issue.

Add up the benefic dots of the remaining houses.

Whenever Sun passes through the house containing more number of benefic dots; in that month and in the same way determine the day by the passage of Moon if important works are commenced on that day predivtions is certain that the works commenced shall be successful without any hindrance and shall give good results.

Whenever malefic planets are passing through that nakshatra the native gets major illness. If the 2 nd division is bigger than the 3 rd and the 1 st division then Mudal yoga ashtakxvarga generated.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. June 20, at 8: Result of Mudal Yoga. All the 12 zodiacal signs are divided into 3 parts.