by Jacques Ellul First published Sort by. title, original date published, date published Anarquia e Cristianismo (ebook). Published by Digital. ebook. Anarquia y cristianismo, Ellul · apple quality · Ludmer La Voz ( de) Picardía · FICHA DE ACTIVIDAD N° 01 · El Cuerpo Reencontrado, Eliseo. Anarquia e Cristianismo – Jacques Ellul. Uploaded by. Raul Melo · Sexxx Church – 36 dias de devocional. Uploaded by. Raul Melo · Édipo Rei. Uploaded by.

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Paul urged christians not to conform to the ideologies of the day. This type of resignation, however, helps nobody outside the reach of the collective.

In face of an absolute power only wnarquia total confrontation has any meaning. But ten years ago, I followed my renewed faith into lives that are oppressed and dehumanized by the right and by market forces, and although my past mistakes kept me from adopting any firm ideology, I began leaning toward liberalism in its contemporary sense. This attitude supposes further that technique evolves with some end in view, and that this end is human good.

Some things we have learned since then, such as the questionable authorship of the letters of Paul, render some of the arguments obsolete. All one need do is read history.

There is also Ellul is always challenging and insightful. Technique never observes the distinction between moral and immoral use. Rather, he seeks throughout this slim volume to point to the early Christian hostility to authority and to the notion that Christians and Anarchists face the same enemies and nemeses.


Its datedness only detracts somewhat from the thesis, which I think is fairly strong, even if I don’t completely agree. I could not comprehend how a professing Christian could be anything but Republican. Friedrich August von Hayek In one, the author is drawing on such a wealth of jacquea that although his presentation is small, one recognizes that it is just the tip of the iceberg, supported underneath by a massive foundation lying under the surface.

Sabbath Book 13 for In face of this absolute power, only an absolutely negative position is viable. He even wastes a few pages on anti-vaccination garbage. Ellul opens up a few of his unorthodox beliefs woth which I disagree, but I chew the meat and spit out the bones. Nor can there be any question of finding a modus vivendi or achieving attenuations. I’m jacues fond of his concept of nondomination, though, and the idea of true anarchy as not just the rejection of those who have power over you, but the rejection of the idea of having power over others at all.

Frases de Jacques Ellul

Domenico De Masi 4. It has come to be regarded as useful for social cohesion the exact opposite of what it is in its source and truth.

From a pragmatic standpoint there is no chance of success. And don’t bother reading the first half.

Offers very little in terms of a sketch of what anarchy really means and looks like in practice, and his walk through the Bible is so oversimplistic and selective that I was embarrassed for him. Isham rated it liked it. It stimulates in the individual a feeling of exclusiveness, and produces a biased attitude.

But the quarrels between right and left ellyl to me completely futile, for in every possible way they simply lead to an enhancement of the power of the state. That remains good stuff. But now I change my rating to 3 stars, because I have to reluctantly admit the book is helping me.


It is, perhaps, a good primer to the subject matter but the discussion lacks significant nuance and depth. I give it high praise because of the lines of thinking it provokes eklul me.

The course is set and no accommodation will be either lasting or sufficient.

Anarquia e Cristianismo: Jacques Ellul: : Books

This attitude supposes further that technique evolves with some end in view, and that this end is human good. Men have never been so oppressed as crixtianismo societies which set man at the pinnacle of values and exalt his greatness or make him the measure of all things. I do not believe that it is possible to destroy the modern state. He states both in the introduction and conclusion that his aim is neither to Christianize Anarchism nor to Anarchize Christianity.

Who is responsible for that? AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. In face of an absolute power only a total confrontation has any meaning. Jan 12, peter rated it it was ok.

In a society such as ours, it is almost impossible for a person to be responsible. Oct 25, W. Oct 26, Glauber Ribeiro rated it really liked it. View all 3 comments.