Presentamos el caso de una paciente de 44 años estudiada por amenorrea e hiperprolactinemia. No refería galactorrea, cefalea ni alteraciones en la visión. HIPERPROLACTINEMIA Y PROLACTINOMA. MP Diagnóstico específico: PRL se deben medir en todo paciente con hipogonadismo o. A hiperprolactinemia causa hipogonadismo hipogonadotrófico principalmente por inibir a secreção pulsátil do GnRH, além de inibir diretamente a.

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Quality of life in women with microprolactinoma treated with dopamine agonists. Once physiological causes such as pregnancy, systemic disorders such as primary hypothyroidism and the use of drugs with hiperproolactinemia antagonistic actions such as metochlopramide have been ruled out, the most common cause of hyperprolactinemia is a PRL-secreting pituitary adenoma or prolactinoma.


Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1. Serum prolactin concentration at presentation of non-functioning pituitary macroadenomas. However, it is not clear if hiperprolactniemia translates into clinical benefits. Twenty-four hour secretory patterns of prolactin in women.

Prospective study of high-dose cabergoline treatment of prolactinomas in patients. Vertebral fractures in males with prolactinoma.

Sobre los desenlaces incluidos en este resumen. A study of patients with histologically verified non-functioning pituitary macroadenoma.

[Current diagnosis and treatment of hyperprolactinemia].

Cancer risk in hyperprolactinemia patients: Cabergoline treatment rapidly improves gonadal function in hyperprolactinemic males: J Clin Endocrinol Metab. Hyperprolactinemia causes hypogonadism, menstrual irregularities or amenorrhea in women, low serum testosterone levels in men, and infertility and sexual dysfunction in both men and women.


Recurrence of hyperprolactinemia after withdrawal of dopamine agonists: Cabergoline and bromocriptine are among the most commonly used drugs to treat prolactinoma. Primary medical therapy of micro- and macroprolactinomas in men. Diagnosis and treatment of hyperprolactinemia: Cabergoline Comparative Study Group. Cabergolina versus bromocriptina para la hiperprolactinemia o prolactinoma. A comparison of cabergoline and bromocriptine in the treatment of hyperprolactinemic amenorrhea.

Clinical characteristics and therapeutic responses in patients with germ-line AIP mutations and pituitary adenomas: In macroprolactinomas, management should be individualized. High prevalence of radiological vertebral fractures in women with prolactin-secreting pituitary adenomas.

Por lo tanto, parte de la evidencia incluida en pkr resumen no fue considerada. Do the limits of serum prolactin in disconnection hyperprolactinaemia need re-definition?

The risk for breast cancer is not evidently increased in women with hyperprolactinemia.

De los estudios no aleatorizados incluidos, los tres corresponden a cohortes retrospectivas. High prolactin levels may be missed by immunoradiometric assay in patients with macroprolactinomas. BMI and metabolic profile in patients with prolactinoma before and after treatment with dopamine agonists. A comparison of cabergoline and bromocriptine in the treatment of hyperprolactinemic amenorrhea.

Colao A, Pot S. Endocrine aspects of male sexual dysfunctions. A comparison of cabergoline and bromocriptine on the risk of valvular heart disease in patients with prolactinomas. Services on Demand Journal.

[Current diagnosis and treatment of hyperprolactinemia].

Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences Online. It is not clear whether cabergoline is also more effective with respect to tumor growth because the certainty of the evidence is very low. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


Osteocalcin levels in patients with microprolactinoma before and during medical treatment. Cabergoline or bromocriptine for prolactinoma?. Recovery of persistent hypogonadism by clomiphene in males with prolactinomas under dopamine agonist treatment.

Trans Am Clin Climatol Assoc. We combined the evidence using meta-analysis and generated a summary of findings following the GRADE approach. Body fat in men with prolactinoma.

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Asymptomatic hyperprolactinaemia and prolactinoma in the general population-mass screening by paired assays of serum prolactin. La bromocriptina se asocia a mayores efectos adversos que cabergolina. Advances in the treatment of prolactinomas. The prevalence of pituitary adenomas: Aust Hiperprolactinemiw Z J Ophthalmol. Shimatsu A, Hattori N. Human macroprolactin displays low biological activity via its homologous receptor in a new sensitive bioassay.

Todos los estudios compararon bromocriptina versus cabergolina. Middle East Fertility Society Journal. Prolactinomas resistant to standard doses of cabergoline: