ISO/TR (en), Guidelines for quality management system. . Título: Esta Versão Corrigida da ABNT ISO/TR de , incorpora a Errata . Direct link NBR ABNT iso tr free pdf ISO TR – Diretrizes para a documentacao de sistema de gestao da qualidade(1).pdf. ISO/TR. (E). PDF disclaimer This PDF file may contain embedded typefaces. In accordance ABNT ISO/TR um guia para a.

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The registration process shall encompass all QS requirements. Refer to the customer documents. The Glossary has been expanded. Verification of conformance to ISO or ISO for suppliers that are not responsible for the design of any product supplied to any customer subscribing to this document is a necessary condition for registration to QS We have responded with increased capacity to: The metrological confirmation system for measuring equipment given in ISO may be used for guidance.

However, this requirement may be met by isoo a supplier designated number cross-referenced t clear traceability back to the customer. Additional guidance on measurement uncertainty may be found in ISO Input received from those implementing QS to date has been incorporated 1001 this edition to clarify the intent of the requirements, or to 10031 the manual up-to-date. This identification shall be recorded see 4. In these cases, the Control Plan shall be annotated accordingly i.

Trends in data and information should be compared with progress toward overall business objectives and lead to action to support: The initial application of product qualification is to use Condition I.

Non value-added use of floor space? For those product characteristics and process parameters that can only be evaluated using attribute data, continuous improvement is not possible until characteristics are conforming. Low risk parts and medium risk parts not selected for PSO shall have a isl PSO to establish production readiness.


Norma Abnt ISO 8528-1

The results of the audits shall be recorded see 4. Suppliers shall implement isoo Ford QOS methodology — a systematic, disciplined approach that uses standardized tools and practices to manage the business and achieve ever-increasing levels of customer satisfaction. Define delisting criteria, and steps for delisting QS registrants. Verification by the customer shall not absolve the supplier of the responsibility to provide acceptable product, nor shall it preclude subsequent rejection by the customer.

Appropriate lighting for evaluation areas Masters for color, grain, gloss, metallic brilliance, texture, distinctness of image DOI as appropriate Maintenance and control of appearance masters and evaluation equipment see 4.

Trends in customer satisfaction and key indicators of customer dissatisfaction shall be documented and supported by objective information. This control shall provide for identification, documentation, evaluation, segregation when practicaldisposition of zbnt product, and for notification to the functions concerned.

Appropriate acceptance criteria for all other situations e. The supplier shall verify that all ASNs match shipping documents and labels.

Appendices I and J are added. Requirements for environmental conditions e. This plan may typically include as applicable: Thanks are also given to these organizations which have supported Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors in the QS launch worldwide: A sample from each additional coil or bundle in the heat shall be tested for either chemical composition or quenched hardness. This Technical Report may be used to document management systems other than that of the ISO family, for example environmental management systems and safety management systems.


Assessments, if part of subcontractor development, should occur at supplier specified frequency. If these functions are subcontracted, the supplier shall provide technical leadership.

Records of internal quality system audits and management review shall be retained for three years. Copies of this document can be ordered from National Reproductions Corporation – Are those product, process, and test requirements that are important to customer satisfaction and for which quality planning actions shall be included in the Control Plan.

Qualification criteria for quality systems auditors?

Approved Materials for Ongoing Production – 4. The design and development activities shall be assigned to qualified personnel equipped with adequate resources. The supplier shall also ensure compliance with the original or superseding specifications and requirements when the authorization expires. These opportunities shall be included in the report to the supplier.

I Allowed to switch to Condition II, if, within the previous 20 consecutive lots, no sample has 1001 nonconforming units. Management Review should be conducted with a multidisciplinary approach see Glossary.

Difficult assembly or installation of the product?

Norma Abnt ISO – PDF Free Download

100013 Process Control – 4. The laboratory scope shall include the calibration of such equipment. Corrective Action Impact – 4. When the supplier is also sourced with the production of prototypes, effective use should be made of data from prototype fabrication to plan the production process.