A Borrowed Scot by Karen Ranney. A Borrowed Scot is the third book in the Tulloch Sgathan Trilogy, a set of books about a mirror and how it affects three. Karen Ranney writes with power, passion, and dramatic flair.”—Stephanie LaurensNo one does Scottish romance quite like Karen Ranney. At the beginning of Karen Ranney’s new romance, A Borrowed Scot, the hero, Montgomery Fairfax, is at a London club surrounded by.

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Montgomery has secrets from his past he doesn’t want to share with anyone. I appreciate in historicals when women are written with backbone! Grumpy, loner guy saves the pleasant, non-bitchy heroine from a bad situation and because they are caught alone escaping from the bad situation they now need to marry.

Montgomery brings her home after saving her from the near rape. Why would Veronica get the There were things in this book that just didn’t make sense to me. Amanda, for some reason apparently known only to herself, ratted Veronica out – did she wait in the window waiting for her to come home?

Feb 28, Erin rated it liked it Shelves: He is not a very sociable person, as in he doesn’t really talk.

Between the Pages: A Borrowed Scot by Karen Ranney

It is full of lust and yearning for a future that seems out of reach. Jan 06, Carol Storm rated it it was ok. Wheree hopelessness grows into happiness,peace and true love. So he lightly kisses her and tried to use a little tongue action, she complains that is NOT what a kiss is her borrowev that he doesn’t know what he is doinghe goes in for a second kaern she starts batting at him and reprimanding him that it is improper to kiss in the parlor.


The roles of servants, ladies, lords, men and women were clearly defined. In the case of her husband, she can feel his misery, yet he will not open up to her. He closed himself off from the possibility of love and the only way for laren heroine to have her HEA was for him to come to terms with the past and choose a future.

A Borrowed Scot

Of course, Montgomery horrible, horrible first name saves her and they get married. I felt like I was missing pages while reading their conversations with each other. Not even his scor bride Veronica MacLeod. Karen Ranney has written a passionate and touching romance. In the beginning Veronica seems to fit into this category way too perfectly. Sot, peccato, avrebbe meritato cinque stelle piene.

I liked Veronica, she was witty and had some spunk. Veronica quickly became a favourite of mine. Our heroine, Veronica MacLeod.

The interactions between the two are honest, amusing, frustrated and seductive. This is a romance novel and I wanted to want the two main characters to get together. I loved the rescue by Mont.

Back cover copy Who Is Montgomery Fairfax? Montgomery is from Fairfax County, Virginia and his family did indeed own slaves. I give it an average 3 stars. Stupid scenario that I had no interest in reading about. Would I recommend this book? She also has the gift of sensing what others are feeling and while for me it wasn’t necessary for the storyline, it was interesting.


When her hero ignored her, she returned the favor and ignored him. I believe in the power of the individual, the magnificence of the human spirit, and always looking for the positive in any situation.

A Borrowed Scot — All About Romance

But her aunt and uncle weren’t exactly warm and fuzzy either. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Poor Veronica, she was trapped. The character development was boerowed I just had a hard time with Montgomery’s lack of communication.

There’s a gothic feel to this story fanney it unfolds and we discover mysteries surrounding the couple. Seriously, how does one get into this kind of situation? Once they were in Scotland, not much seemed to happen outside of ordinary life.

This book has one of the pet peeves I should have included on the Top Ten Tuesday list: Overall, it was better than okay, but not quite great. I can’t tell you why this story never grabbed me. Feb 27, Regan Walker rated it liked it. It’s interesting to say the least and is integrated well ramney the story, although frankly it does little difference to how the overall book turned out.

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