BILGI EDINME HAKKI KANUNUN UYGULANMASINA ILISKIN iliskin 9/10/ tarihli ve sayili Bilgi Edinme Hakki Kanununun. Bu sayfa, tarih ve sayılı resmi gazetede yayımlanan sayılı “Bilgi Edinme Kanunu” gereğince hazırlanmıştır. Başvuruların, söz konusu kanunun 6. maddesinde tanımlanan “başvuru Bilgi Edinme Hakkı Kanunu Metni. (Turkish); Alternate Title: THE ROLE OF RIGHT TO INFORMATION Çalışma sayılı kanun gereğince oluşturulan Kurulun bilgi edinme hakkının.

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Further, Council’s position in providing functionality of freedom of right, has been investigated. The affiliated, related and associated institutions and organizations shall convey their reports through the ministry to or with which they lanunu affiliated, related or associated.

In addition, by exchange of opinions with local and foreign scientists studying in this field, the documents obtained were analyzed to complete the study. I wouldnt mind that e-mail address, if you find it again! These reports should be submitted to the Right to Information Assessment Board by the relevant institutions and organizations by the end of February each year. The number of the applications for which information and documents are provided saving any detail regarded as secret or confidential or in similar nature, was 8.

Translation Please Could someone translate this please, thank you. Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer agree.

It seems possible to examine the administrative reform studies in Turkish Public Administration in a dual way as the studies conducted by native experts and as those by foreign experts. They want your application in Turkish most probably theres no one there who can translate your application into English.

The KudoZ network provides a framework for translators and others to asyl each other with translations or explanations of terms and hxkk phrases. His other works are as follows: This abstract may be abridged.

Married with a son. The Board submits the General Report to be prepared by it along with the reports submitted by the sagl institutions and organizations to Turkish Grand National Assembly by the end of April each year. Given the number of rejected and accepted applications, the contribution of the Right to Information Act to making the Turkish Public Administration more transparent and the formation of a simpler approach of public administration is clearly obvious.

The Information Community Strategy nilgi Action Plan for to by the Ministry of Development clearly states that “E-Government services shall be used as a tool for improving transparency, reliability, accountability and participation in public administration Ministry of Development, In such a case, the extension of time and its reason shall be notified to the applicant in writing before the deadline of fifteen work days is expired.


You dont ask Why, you just do it. The second chapter takes the preparation process of the Law on the Right to Information in Turkey into consideration and analyzes how, when and for what purpose this law was introduced.

Peer comments on bigli answer and responses from the answerer.

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Pursuant to these articles, “The institution and organizations shall provide access to requested information and documents within fifteen work days from the day of application. A political process that started in any country of the world, by affecting different countries quickly, can redesign the administrative system of these countries. Wish you all strength Good luck Chris.

Out of the total number of applications, Hxkk Posted by mekenon.

5432 sayılı Bilgi Edinme Hakkı Kanununda Değişiklik Yapılmasına Dair Kanun

And 42 million people use social media” in accordance with this. The Ombudsman Institution gained a constitutional status through the constitutional amendment Referendum of and was officially established by the Law No. These are openness, accessibility and responsiveness.

From this followed his critical thesis that the rationality intrinsic janunu the medium of law as such is destroyed to the degree that an internal connection is established between law and morality. The Draft is the most substantial step in restructuring Turkish public administration and it addresses issues such as the reorganization of local governments and ministries, supervision of public administration and the establishment of an Ombudsman institution.

Ombudsman Act No of and e-government studies should also be listed as the other efforts made to render Turkish public administration more transparent. Another regulation aiming to enhance bili in Turkish public administration is the introduction of Ombudsman Institution. This purpose is seen not only in the Draft Law on Public Administration but also in the context of the Ninth Development Plan covering the period between Governance approach is an understanding that calls for the participation of all actors in the administrative process.

It was previously stated that this paradigm shift in the administrative system of many countries was experienced inevitably in Turkey and Turkish public administration was transformed on this background. Information and documents such as those in the nature of opinions, reminders, proposals and advices that are obtained by an institution or organization to carry out their operations are within the scope of the right to information act unless otherwise indicated by the institution and organization.


Good Shot Kriiye Faridis! In this framework, the study is designed as an Introduction, bilbi chapters and a Conclusion.

For example, in Article 1 it is set out that “the purpose of the law is to ensure a public administration which is participative, transparent and accountable grounding on human rights and freedom; to determine duties, powers and responsibilities of central administration and local administrations in order to perform quality public services fairly and effectively and; to restructure the organization of central administration in an expeditious and efficient way, as well as to deinme the fundamental principles and methods related to public services”.

This way, it was aimed to ease off the pressure of the central administration and to increase the capacity of local governments. The very first reforms were carried out by foreign experts edknme And the Article 4 of it defines the Right to Information. The steps that have been taken to make Turkish Public Administration more transparent and accountable in terms of Good Governance were revealed.

The Law on the Right to Information No. edime

Bilgi Edinme Hakkı

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Taking into account the applications rejected in addition to those responded positively and negatively in parts, it can be seen that the rejected applications were those beyond the limits of the right to information as set out in the Articles 15 to 28 of the act. The Articles 6 to 8 of the act describe how to use the right to information providing for that “the application to obtain information should be made by filing a letter of application indicating the name, surname, signature, residence or work address of the applicant, if it is a natural entity, and the business name, registered office address, the signature and the certificate of authority of the authorized signatory of it, if a legal entity, with the institution and organization holding the requested information or document.

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