Jan 30, Dogra Magra (or, in its literal Romanization, Dogura Magura) was the most famed of many works by author Yumeno Kyūsaku (). Bless the people of France! They had traslated Kyusaku Yumenno’s masterpiece Dogra Magra (Japanese original title: Dogura magura)! If you had it in your. Ichiro Kure (Yoji Matsuda) emerges from a coma to find himself in a psychiatric hospital. One doctor tells Ichiro that he is hospitalized because he has murdered .

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Yumeno Kyūsaku

Goujon Ardent rated it really liked it Magra 12, A lone figure sitting outdoors and wearing a Hannya mask is seen from different angles in a succession of crash zooms and encircling jump cuts.

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There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Contradictory evidence and the lack of clues soon render the case as virtually unsolvable, as the detective grows more and more frustrated.

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Yumeno Kyūsaku – Wikipedia

Somewhere between those projects lies the right combination of flavors for an anime rendition of Dogura Magurabut any adaptation would also need to bring its own distinctive touch to the table as maura. The pen name literally means “a person who always dreams.

Encephalon Hell or Pericardium Hellor more simply, Braincell Hellplease be careful, your brain is about to go through some really intensive and complete mind-fuck. Schizophrenia and ddogura mental disorders. The late Kyusaku Yumemo this pen name actually means ‘A Dude Who Daydreams Too Much’ was mafura novelist who had a reputation which is similar with Edogawa Rampo’s, and both authors shared similar taste for the dark side of human nature, nightmarish events, madness and gruesome crime.

No trivia or quizzes yet. There are, in my view, some kinds of stories that lend themselves all the more to being animated rather than being filmed. All that pseudo-science and pseudo-Buddhism and pseudo-other things were tough to get into without doogura my eyes for the first half of the book, but the plot finally does pick up in the second.


He wrote detective novels and is known for his avant-gardism and his surrealisticwildly imaginative and fantastic, [1] even bizarre narratives. Lists with Dgoura Book. No compensation was provided by the creators or publishers for the sake of this review. Most of the film is very talky and dialogue-driven with plenty of flashbacks, so you need to pay REALLY close attention to catch everything that’s going on.

Edit Storyline A man is confined to a mental institution after trying to murder his fiancee. Confined there for having attempted to murder his wife and mother, the doctors there seem quite eager to explain his behavior by way of a pet theory of theirs.

Trivia About Dogra Magra. But because the aim of the story is the evocation of a state of horror, and not a rational explanation for anything, it actually hasn’t dated badly at all — certainly nowhere nearly as badly as some of Rampo’s own stories that attempted to use the still-nascent science of psychological forensics to drive their plotting.

More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Funeral Parade of Roses Detective Fiction and Japanese Culture hints magkra Ichiro was conceived as part of an experiment to validate the scientists’ theories, human morals be damned.

An amazing book, not a traditional whodunnit. Magurx Magra 6. Et quand on l’a fini: In he decided to become a Buddhist priest, but after a couple of years in the monastery, he returned home again as Sugiyama Taido. Season 4 Doctor Who: But it feels frustrating instead of tantalizing, as I observed in my original review of the film some ten years back.

A young drifter and a precocious girl of sixteen slowly form a bond in a small town haunted by its wartime past. A freestyle, imagined telling of the life of shaman queen Himiko, who falls in love with her half-brother, making her powers weaken thus putting her position to risk.


Did Kure in fact commit these crimes, or was he simply tricked into thinking he did? An angst-ridden teen dealing with his dysfunctional family hits the streets. But it’s clearly no substitute for the labyrinthine head and word games of the original, and it only serves as an introduction to the original in the sense of alerting an audience to the fact of its existence — and I’m dubious how useful that approach is for a book this deliberately difficult and labyrinthine.

Dash rated it liked it Oct 18, And Texhnolyzedespite being science fiction, is suffused with such a suffocating mood of claustrophobic dread that it makes an excellent model to study mafura Dogura Magura.

Dogra Magra

In this Japanese namethe family name is Yumeno, Sugiyama. For one, I think we can safely leave the look of the Manga de Dokuha version out. My advice to people who want to watch it is that you pay close attention and don’t let yourself get confused by the film because it’s really easy to get so.

For My Crushed Right Eye mayura Yumeno didn’t get to be digura ‘The Monstrous Novelist’ for no reason. University of Minnesota Press. Related Products Product purchases support their creators magurw this site. My other review for this book: Farewell to the Ark Who was the father of Ichiro Kure, who had been raised as an illegitimate child? Views Read Edit View history. A full-fledged detective novel set in abnormal circumstances.

The 5th The 4th The 3rd The 2nd The 1st.

However, if you don’t like mind-fuck and narrators talking like crazy people, you probably wouldn’t enjoy Yumeno’s works. Dogra Magra exemplifies modern Japanese avant-garde gothic literature. He tells me that Prof. Was this review helpful to you?