Atlas Lager is a American Adjunct Lager style beer brewed by Cervecería Nacional, S.A. in El Dorado, Panama. average with 37 ratings, reviews and . Atlas (Panama) brewed by Cervecería Nacional Panama as an Lager – Pale style beer, which has out of 5, with ratings and reviews. Just kickin’ it, and having an ATLAS Lager while waiting for the sun to set. Isla Colon, Bocas Del Toro Panama.

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My Balboa-loving friend brings his own Balboa to expat get-togethers because he knows the only beer xervesa will be Atlas or Panama, and maybe Soberano.

Balboa is a light lager in the tradition of Bud or Pabst or Miller.

The draught product cervesq based on Carlton Lager, [ citation needed ] another Carlton United Brewers product, and it was first brewed in the UK at the pilot brewery at Truman’s Brick Lane Brewery in mid Let Uncle Sam help you take that dream vacation.

For more information, go to www.

Big alcoholwith a burnand the malts are just sort of sticky. Taste This is my favorite Panamanian Lager. Poured a crystal clear straw colour with a fizzy, short-lived white head and lots of bubbles. It is made in Panama.


Cerveza ATLAS | Just kickin’ it, and having an ATLAS Lager w… | Flickr

There is a touch of spice in the nose, and unlike the other two, we get the slightest bit of hops flavor and bitterness.

BottlePanama CityPanama. Of course, the only way to find out if you like the Panamanian beer is to come down and drink it yourself. Similar Beers See All. Advertising from the early 20th century claimed Foster’s Lager dervesa adjuncted with cane sugar. Views Read Edit View history.

Foster’s Lager

Hugely foaming strong alcoholic golden brew with overwhelming spirit-like features. Beer portal Australia portal. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ratings Community Events Places Forums. It wasand they called their first beer Balboa Lager, still one of the biggest sellers in Panama. See All 96 Reviews. The beer lovers at roamingaroundtheworld.

Can from the Shazteen EnterpriseKuala Lumpur. Compared both to darker North American brands, and to stout European varieties. Some compare Panama to Heineken. Can – Light Corning green apple. Tastes like a lightly sweet very light lager. Watery, papery, cardboardish tropical lager. The lager is hopped with selected oil extracts of Super Pride of Ringwood hopswhich like any modern beer, is added after fermentation to minimise losses to the lqger sediment.


So if you are looking for a cheaper buzz, lzger Panama or Balboa. Texture is oily to waterymedium bodied with low carbonation.

Insteel cans were introduced. Light sweetness and alcohol. But you must return all the bottles. The is sweet sickly toffee and alcohol.

Drank with Patrick at my place 30 – 4 – In late Foster’s enjoyed some renewed success in the Australian market. Or better, drink anything else. It is my 2nd favorite beer in Panama. Atlas is only 3. I like the Fuller ESB. This was the first time that Fosters had been available on draught anywhere in the world; in Australia it had only been available first in bottles, then later in cans. Why every brewer loves a premium beer or two”www.

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