A kind soul has made Carl Einstein’s Negerplastik freely available online here. The man was not related to that other Einstein, but nonetheless. ics, no one addressed the subject more thoughtfully than Carl Einstein. In his. Negerplastik (),1 the first published book-length study of the art of Africa, Ein . If Carl Einstein’s name sounds vaguely familiar today, it will likely be as the author of Negro Sculpture (), a monograph comprised of an introductory text, .

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This was accompanied by a number of accounts of Carl’s agitational activity during the German Revolutionincluding Carl’s graveside oration after the murder of Rosa Luxemburgwhich frequently omitted his first name. Gradhiva Revue d’anthropologie et d’histoire des arts. Retrieved from ” https: Sommaire – Document suivant. Bereft of alternatives, Einstein committed suicide in the Pyrenees town of Lestelle-Betharram on 5 July A third child born to Daniel and Sophie died in The Antifascist Emigration in Europe and America.

The young Carl Einstein spent much of his youth in Karlsruhe before moving to Berlin to study philosophy and art history in In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gradhiva Revue d’anthropologie et d’histoire des arts En bref: Le porteur du masque devient le dieu. Dada durch die letzte weimarer Bierbauchkulturepoche Deutschlandswhich was exhibited in the first International Dada Fair, held in Berlin in Notes 1 Voir les comptes rendus de Negerplastik reproduits negerplasgik Baackep.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Agrandir Original jpeg, 1,8M.

À la recherche de l’Afrique dans Negerplastik de Carl Einstein

His passion play Die Schlimme Botschaft The Sad Tidingsor The Bad News was met with attacks as blasphemous ; its publication resulted in a legal einxtein and a conviction for blasphemy inand Einstein was forced to atone for the revolutionary ideas placed into the mouth of his Jesus Christ with a 15, mark fine. N eumeister, Heike M.


The French Cubist painter and sculptor, Georges Braque, served as a witness. SpencerBaldwin et GillenF. Better received in France, Einstein left Germany for permanent residence in France in ; with Adolf Hitler ‘s rise to power inthe exile became permanent and officially mandated.

Meffre, LilianeCarl Einstein, Un dernier mot sur la transformation: Einstein also worked on numerous journals and collective projects, among some of the more important: He was actively involved in the short-lived Revolutionary Brussels Soldiers’ Council and to a lesser extent in the failed Spartacist Uprising in Negerplastiik and later in the defeated anarchist Durruti Column during the Spanish Civil War.

However, when the proposed appointment was passed to the government bureaucracy for approval as University professors were regarded as senior civil servants who required royal approval.

Mais ne nous y trompons pas.

This page was last edited on 19 Novemberat The second child born to Daniel Einstein, an active member of the local Jewish community, and Sophie Einstein, Carl was a year younger than his sister Hedwigwho would become known as a concert pianist and the wife of sculptor Benno Elkan. Retrieved 3 February An Anthology of Contexts.

Jahrhunderts Art of the 20th Centurywhich may have gained him an invitation to teach at the Bauhaus he declinedto the notorious play Die Schlimme Botschaft.

Hendrik Lorentzone of the people who organised the offer saw it as way of promoting international reconciliation following the First World War. His work combined many strands of both political and aesthetic discourse into his writings, addressing both the developing aesthetic of modern art and the political situation in Europe.


IBerlin, Medusa, La Sculpture africainetrad. EnEinstein en publia une mag Notes analytiques sur les collections ethnographiques. However, a Dutch military intelligence report was submitted to the Minister of Education Johannes Theodoor de Visserwhich gave an account of Carl Einstein’s activities in the Soldiers’ Council in Belgium. Carl Einstein et les primitivismes. ColeHerbert M. A target of the German right wing during the interwar Weimar period, Einstein left Germany for France ina half-decade ahead of the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Partylater taking part in the Spanish Civil War on the side of the anti- Francisco Franco anarcho-syndicalists during the s.

Carl Einstein 26 April — 5 Julyborn Karl Einsteinwas an influential German Jewish writer, art historian, anarchist and critic. Traduction de Camille Joseph.

Carl Einstein

Masque pende, photo Alberto Ricci. Selon Paudrat et Bassani, quatorze objets proviennent directement de la collection de Brummer. For good or ill, the publication of Negerplastik constitutes a founding act of African art history.

Upon his return he started writing prose and joined the radical circle around Franz Pfemfert and his magazine Die Aktion. It is possible that this confusion led Paul Weyland to coin the phrase “scientific Dadaism”.