Bucyrus (Caterpillar)Electric drive Bastholes (drills). We also support our customers with all kind of repairs for all electric/electronic control systems on eletric drill. MAKE: Bucyrus. MODEL: 49HR. YEAR: HOURS: 0Hrs Unused. PRICE: POA. ​. 1 UNIT AVAILABLE. ​. CONTACT: Chris Reeves: + 61 SOUTH MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin — From Bucyrus International comes news that one of its 49HR rotary blasthole drills equipped with a.

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Dellner launches heavy-duty brakes Equipment 15 JUN Overall This is a very good addition to the mining sector where previous models have often focussed on prime movers and excavators, and Bucyrus are to be commended for commissioning the 49HR.

Mutamba pilot plant commissioned Industrial minerals 11 DEC Inside there is an excellent console arrangement with detailed screens, equipment and operator’s seat. At the base 449hr is a plethora of wiring and hoses which drive the winch and lead up to the drilling motors. Please enter a valid e-mail address Request Password When you click on ‘Request Password’, you’ll be sent an e-mail with instructions how to set up a new password.

There is a small winch which is operated by a long key. Sandvik’s new joint business area Equipment. Footnotes The model was first announced at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in The high quality handrails also have a siren attached completed with wiring leading into the cab. Over any ground Equipment. Terex adds deck screens. A short ladder leads into the open entry to the radiator room which has a large cooling fan inside.

Outside the cab is a ladder leading to the cab roof where there is a number of spotlights and a fine air conditioning unit. Amplats chute upgrade completed. Dellner launches heavy-duty brakes. The drilling machinery is very detailed with motors to drive the drill rods and the pinion drive that pushes the drill down.


English English Deutsch English. There is an opening debris guard to provide visibility from the cab. At the rear of the walkway the stairs can be set in either a raised or lowered position.

Following the walkway to the rear leads past bucyrks detailed door and warning notices to a set bucurus stairs which has excellent mesh treads.

Bucyrus 49HR compressor commissioned

Low stock – order quickly! Remember me Lost password? At the front of the body is the operator’s cab and this is highly detailed with very good graphics on the outside. Plant commissioned at Forrestania. The drill motor sits on a frame which travels up and down the racks on the mast and is moved by using two supplied keys.

BUCYRUS (Cat) Drills : 49HR / MD Cat

Login E-mail address Password? Amplats chute upgrade completed Transport.

If you are sure you are already registered, please ubcyrus the e-mail address you entered as user name. It is pleasing to see good quality instructions although this is slightly offset by concern that the packaging was not able to fully protect the model during transport.

No problem, here you can set up a new password. Over any ground Equipment 17 Bucygus Staying the coarse Equipment 17 OCT The mast is a very good heavy lattice construction which includes toothed racks for the drilling equipment drive, and a ladder which is complete with safety cage. In case you still have problems logging in, please turn to us by e-mail: CP compressors support drilling in India.


Bucyrus 49HR compressor commissioned – Mining Magazine

We are happy to inform you about a price change of this product respectively when it hits the price you want to purchase. Light from Beacon mill to shine again. Made in China We have different colors on stock.

Beadell wraps up Tucano upgrade The final steps of the Tucano plant upgrade project are complete and fully commissioned Plant 28 NOV Inside the main body there is a detailed motor and some excellent electrical switchboard equipment, and the floor has some non-slip panels. Dellner launches heavy-duty brakes Equipment. Have you forgotten your password? Price This is buchrus fairly unique model and does not have any easy comparison with other models.

Specify a value for this required field. Amplats chute upgrade completed Transport 30 JUN The following versions were produced: Bucyrus 49HR compressor commissioned.

As soon as you are registered, you can login with your e-mail address and your password. Features The crawler tracks are free rolling and are mounted on spring loaded sprockets so it is easy to remove the tracks if required. At the rear there is a large cable drum complete with realistic thick feeder cable. There is hardly any plastic used at all. Terex adds deck screens Equipment 02 OCT Sandvik’s new joint business area.

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